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Thursday, 29 January 2015
How To Make The Job Grading And Salary Grade

How To Make The Job Grading And Salary Grade

In an organization or a company, it is important to make a clear identification of any type of work required in the company, complete with a description of each job. It is often called by the name of job analysis. There are various aspects contained in the job analysis and job grading is one of them.

Job grading is a form of classification or categorization of existing jobs tailored to the job grading system that already exists.

This is done by many companies in an attempt to measure a work based on the things that are done in such work, which in turn can be used to make comparisons between one job to another job.

Benefits Job Grading:

There are several benefits that can be obtained from the job grading itself, namely:

• Provide a clear career path.
• Assist the company in controlling the salary problem.
• Provide an understanding to the employees about the amount of their salary and the cause of justice.
• As a source of reference in taking decisions.
• Can also be used as one factor instructions on seniority and will prevent misunderstandings in many ways for example regarding the level of authorization.
• Provide clarity to all parties for each grade or level have descriptions that are characteristic of jobs that fall into that category.
• Can be used as additional data to determine the need for jobs in the future
Job grading and salary of employees is one of the most evident aspects as aspects that affect each other. Broadly, those who work at the same level will have roughly the same salary and it is this that gets most attention from job grading itself.

Basic Methods of Job Grading:

There are various types of methods used in job grading and here are 4 of the most common methods:

• Methods Ranking:

This method is the simplest and best suited to be used in a small organization. This method set the job from the job with the lowest rank to the highest. The jobs are sorted according to the value and level of complexity of the work itself.

How To Make The Job Grading And Salary Grade
How To Make The Job Grading And Salary Grade

• Methods Point:

This method of categorizing jobs that exist based on the total points that are owned by the type of work. These points alone measured by a variety of different aspects such are the factors of expertise, business factors, factors necessary education, confidence factors, factors that effort should be deployed by the employees and various other factors.

Of course, each company has a different point system depending on kesepatakan together. Total points of each job will be deciding the rank ordering of the work itself. Jobs that have the same point total range will usually have the same amount of salary anyway.

• Classification Methods:

This method divides the types of jobs that exist into several categories based on similarities which have in the quality and value of the work itself. Examples of such methods is the classification of the type of work in a company become the executive group, group manager, expert groups, and non-expert groups or unskilled.

This type of method as also quite common, especially in large companies because it is easier to implement. This classification method can also be easily accepted and understood by the employees there. The amount of the salary amount is also approximately equal to those in the same class or category.

• Method Comparison:

This method can be regarded as the most complex method among a variety of other methods. This method combines several types of grading methods that can be adapted to the needs and circumstances of the company itself.

Job Grading And Salary Grade
Job Grading And Salary Grade

There are several steps that must be followed in the use of this method, such as the determination of the total points of each job are assessed on a variety of factors, followed by analysis of available labor for a particular position and then followed by a comparison of existing jobs within the organization and the general value in the market. After going through various processes and activities that are quite time consuming and this power, then the amount of the salaries of the employees can be determined.

Selection of appropriate methods of course need to be adapted to the conditions and circumstances of the company. It is important to give a clear explanation of each category so that later there is no overlap between the work of one category to another.

In addition, it should also be noted that certain factors can be biased for example gender factor, the factor of ethnicity, religion or minority factor that sometimes indirectly could affect the classification of the type of work itself.
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