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Sunday, 31 May 2015
How To Make A Career In The Civil Service

How To Make A Career In The Civil Service

The process of building a career in the civil service is somewhat different from a career in the private sector. In this article you will find some practical tips and advice for those who are in public service, and does not want all of the remaining operating time remain in positions of ordinary skill subsidiarity. Therefore, for those who have decided to make a career and a job in the public service, be sure to learn a few simple rules, presented later in this article.

In the civil service, it is important to comply with the dress code. Men are advised to wear a suit and tie, in extreme cases, you can get trousers and shirt strict style (no tie). Women should wear the skirt or trouser suit, skirt should be long not less than just below the knee, neat natural makeup with no frills.

For the successful promotion in the civil service need to know in the face and the name of all your direct and indirect Chiefs. Also in reverse - it is desirable that the authorities knew of his employee, if not name, at least in what department he works. Do not tremble before the big bosses, because they are human beings just like you. At every opportunity, use the occasion to visit the office of the chief to address some operational issues. Here the main thing - do not overreact. It should be understood that the jump over the head of his immediate superior, having a lower status is not correct. Therefore it is necessary to wait for his absence in the workplace and can safely move to the higher authorities in connection with the "urgent" matter.

Occasionally it is useful openly and without hesitation to show the authorities their strengths. By the way, you have the presence of a huge amount of work, need to know everything. Make no mistake - this information is required to reach superiors. At the same time you should not be overburdened, as "workhorses" in the public service is always a loser. After all, the authorities have no sense to increase the service, if you are already very satisfied with their work, the more so, since your relocated boss will be hard to find the same as you "fans" of the work.

How To Make A Career In The Civil Service
How To Make A Career In The Civil Service

One of the worst enemies of the careerist is drinking. You may seem trivial that drinking at work should not be, but we once again recall: drunkenness battle! All anniversary, birthdays and other celebrations can be noted in the non-working time, such as immediately after the operation. Even if some of the staff team can afford to drink a glass or two - it does not mean that you should do the same as they are. At first, perhaps, some employees will resent your "wrong" behavior, but later begin to get used to, and even respect. Persistence in this regard will only strengthen your reputation in the community and thus help your career.
Keep a certain distance to all employees without exception. You should not make friends with the staff, who have a reputation for gossip in the team, brawlers, drunks and other unpleasant "characters".

Do not try to "unseat" boss even think about it, because it is immediately feel that the play is clearly not in your favor. If you want to build a successful career in the public service, then do not try to look better head of (beautiful, personable, intelligent and so on).
Manager Career Where Prepare The Best Managers?

Manager Career Where Prepare The Best Managers?

The manager - is the employee who manages the professional production, business projects, different activities. Manager qualitatively doing their job - a real find for the owner of the firm, because the presence of a reliable assistant gives him the opportunity to develop other, more promising business direction, or simply from time to time to rest from affairs.

Nowadays, managers are taught in many schools. Popular and prestigious special manager is very popular among students of universities, and among employers. But the formation of the formation of discord.

Career Manager (novice, and experienced), depends on the educational institution in which it was obtained higher education. Just the level of school is crucial, not estimates from it.

Conclusion: for a good career in the field of a professional manager or a manager you need to choose the best of Russian universities. Typically, employers value the well-known and major universities of St. Petersburg and Moscow. More "weight" of the diploma gives the manager the use of educational techniques standard MBA, who often use non-business school. Having finished this institution, the manager receives a minimum of firm belief that it will work in their specialty. Unlearning in such institutions is difficult enough, but with great desire and determination - is quite real.

Manager Career Where Prepare The Best Managers?
Manager Career Where Prepare The Best Managers?

If there is money to pay for a good education and a decent knowledge of a foreign language, select to study good American or European university. Domestic MGIMO, Moscow State University, and others like them, do not reach the US, French and British schools of higher management. Diploma of the American or European educational institution - a reliable springboard into the world of top management of the largest enterprises and companies. Many large companies and businesses can pay for their own education abroad for prospective students, however, instead of the future managers must be qualified to work in the company of five to fifteen years.

Also, you can easily be trained in short-term training courses of management. Normally, such courses are designed for several weeks. In these courses you can only get a general idea of ​​the profession and the basics, and in-depth knowledge is impossible to obtain due to the short duration of the courses. And to build a career in the company on such certificate is impossible.
Career Of A Teacher Or Teaching Activities

Career Of A Teacher Or Teaching Activities

If we talk about the career of a teacher or teaching activities not just as a simple job but as a vocation, we believe that every teacher will not prevent an internship counselor in the children's camp. Professions counselor is not taught in universities. The success of Leader depends on personal traits, values, personality traits of the teacher, as well as the methods chosen for pedagogical influence on children.

In our time to find a job counselor at a summer camp is not difficult. To work, it is desirable to have a counselor, not only initial teacher education, but some preliminary experience with children, as in the process leader may face different challenges when dealing with children.

Sometimes difficult to understand the new leaders, that he takes full and unconditional responsibility for the health and the life of the children entrusted to him. Only experienced counselors who have faced different challenges, realize it completely. Therefore, the chief of summer camp is obliged to bring the importance of this issue to every counselor.

Among the management of children's camps there are no random people, as the work with the young generation requires a love for children, interest in his work, the ability to be a leader and a good example for children. Many educators are even willing to neglect their own vacation in order to work in a summer children's camp.

Career Of A Teacher Or Teaching Activities
Career Of A Teacher Or Teaching Activities

Children's camp with a good reputation, distinguished by the fact that they are specialists of high professional level in the field of children's activities that are investing great efforts not only in the educational process and the children's activities, but also provide them with the best living conditions.

The man who was in the role of counselor, his future career, can plan and build in different directions. After graduation from the special education teacher, he can get work as a teacher in high school, primary school teachers or the head of the youth association, or circle. Everywhere you need experience in working with children who have different ages, different personal interests, different ideas about career and life. And perhaps these children will bring something useful to the overall progress for the benefit of all mankind. Therefore, the teaching profession in any case should not be seen just as a job, but must become a way of life worthy of imitation, without which it makes no sense to build a career and a job.
Friday, 29 May 2015
Employment Of Persons With Disabilities

Employment Of Persons With Disabilities

When hiring people with disabilities are required to provide at the request of the employer documents proving their status (issued by MSEC), namely:

  • FAQ on what the employee has a disability group;
  • Individual rehabilitation program;
  • Other documents, which confirm the status of the disabled in employment.

The documents mentioned above are the basis for providing workers with disabilities corresponding labor benefits.

It should be borne in mind that, in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Code of Russia, people with disabilities in employment have additional privileges and benefits, unlike other workers. Violation of benefits and privileges in the disabled uniquely regarded as a violation of Russian labor legislation, which in some cases entails administrative liability.

Violations of the provisions and requirements of legislative acts of the Russian Federation (untimely and full scholarships, pensions, salaries) entails penalties imposed on officials of institutions, companies, organizations and businesses - from 15 to 50 minimum incomes of citizens who are exempt tax.

If the employee violates the requirements of legislation or regulations on labor protection, it is responsible to a fine (2-5 minimum incomes are not taxed).

Employment Of Persons With Disabilities
Employment Of Persons With Disabilities

With regard to workers with disabilities, there they have the following additional rights:

  1. Device to work without a trial period, if the direction of work gives MSEK;
  2. Work on part-time work or part-time working week if a disabled person himself wants to work in this mode;
  3. Refusal to work overtime or at night;
  4. Care annual leave at a time that is most convenient for the disabled;
  5. The minimum duration of disability leave - 30 calendar days for the disabled first and second groups, 26 - for disabled third group;
  6. Length of unpaid leave - 60 days: I and II disability, 30 days: III group of disability;
  7. When there is a certificate of ill health - Termination of temporary employment contract at any time.
Documentation Recruitment Best Jobs Tips

Documentation Recruitment Best Jobs Tips

At the beginning of the hiring future employees issued a statement, written in any form of employment. Documents submitted by the applicant employer, divided into main (passport) and secondary (employment history, identification code, document of military registration documents on education, certificate from a medical institution on the health status, etc.). Admission to the work without employment record is held when the applicant for the first official work of his life.

Together with the application, the next employee in the personnel department provides all the relevant documents for it to work.

Before accepting a job applicant, employer necessarily introduces a prospective employee with certain internal regulatory documents:
  • The provisions of subdivisions, which take the applicant to work;
  • The rules of internal labor regulations;
  • Regulations on labor protection;
  • Job description of the employee;
  • Regulation on Assessment for the post;
  • Provision of commercial confidentiality;
  • Graphs of the enterprise;
  • Position of pay at the enterprise;
  • Shift schedule (when working in shifts).

The fact of acquaintance with the rules of internal labor regulations can be issued a note in the employment contract: "With the internal regulations of the familiar" or add a copy of the employment contract internal regulations.

Documentation Recruitment Best Jobs Tips
Documentation Recruitment Best Jobs Tips

If an enterprise is not approved labor regulations and not being timesheet, in this case there are no grounds for disciplinary sanctions against employees who violate labor discipline (absenteeism from the workplace, or being late for work).

After getting acquainted with the applicant's internal regulatory documents with him conclude an employment contract.

Recruitment is fixed in the order (order), which is based on an employment contract with an employee (Article 68 of the Labor Code). The contents of the order (instruction) must comply with the provisions of labor contract.

Employees are required within three days from the date of signing of the agreement to introduce a signature from the text of the order (instruction) of the employer for admission to employment. In the case of the requirements of the employee, the employer must arrange and give him a copy of the above order (instruction) on employment, duly certified. Personal employee data are entered in his personal card.
The Probationary Period For Employment

The Probationary Period For Employment

By agreement established between the parties at the conclusion and signing of the employment contract, it may be determined by the terms of the probation worker to determine its compliance with the work performed.

If the contract is not there mention of the test, it indicates that the employee is allowed to work without testing. If the employee started work without signing an employment contract (the second part of the sixty-seventh article of the Code), in the contract of employment information about the test conditions can be included if the parties of the contract drawn up before the start of his work itself, as a separate agreement.

For the newly adopted probation officer at the position are: labor legislation and other regulatory legal acts which contain norms of labor law, agreements, regulations and global collective agreement.

Do not appoint a probationary period for the following persons in employment:
  • Pregnant women and women with babies less than one and a half years;
  • Persons who have not attained the age of majority, that is eighteen years of age;
  • Persons who have chosen to elective office to a paid job;
  • Persons who have graduated from educational institutions with state accreditation (beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of vocational education and for the first time designed to work in their profession in the course of the year from the date of graduation;
  • Persons who enter into a contract for a period of less than two months;
  • Persons who have been invited to work on the translation of the other enterprise by agreement between the companies on the exchange of the employee;
  • Other persons in cases stipulated by the current Russian Code and other laws of the Russian Federation and the collective agreement of the company;
  • Individuals who have been chosen for the successful passage of competition to fill certain positions, which was carried out in the manner prescribed by the labor legislation and other normative legal acts, which contain different standards of labor law.

The Probationary Period For Employment
The Probationary Period For Employment

It is impossible to test a period exceeding three months in employment, it was no more than six months, unless otherwise provided by legislative acts of the Russian.

In the case of the conclusion and the signing of an employment contract for a term of two to six months, the test should not be more than two weeks after the registration application for recruitment.

During the test period did not count towards the worker temporary disability and other periods when it is actually at work was absent.
Tuesday, 26 May 2015
What You Should Know About The Options Taking A Job At A Startup

What You Should Know About The Options Taking A Job At A Startup

Startup, received the largest amount of venture capital investments, attracted the attention of not only the press, blogosphere and competitors. Applicants crowd crammed into the door of such a project. Waiting for them there any bright prospects or hidden problems - that's what is important to understand.
Not every startup that suddenly gave hundreds of millions of dollars, will not be closed . In such start-ups of new employees the option and entices the prospect of becoming a millionaire in 25 years. But the reality may not be as expected for a number of reasons.

After entering the stock exchange a lot of ordinary employees Facebook 1 day become millionaires. But as a rule, a startup go public with much smaller amounts of shares, and if the staff find that a large option does not cost anything and is not particularly affect their future well-being. People who work in the company, give ordinary shares, on which you can earn in two ways: start-up so that as a result of its IPO shares soared in price; or startup bought a large corporation. At the same time holders of ordinary shares they forget that they will be paid interest only after its share owners receive privileged shares (and therefore, the remaining stake in the "mere mortals" will be the amount of money is not so great).

Major investment for a startup that does not have a clear future - this is more risk than benefit. In fact in front of us - a debt that will have to give the investor a return on growing and scaling the business. Several hundreds of millions invested in the Fab or Foursquare does not guarantee them a cloudless future. On the contrary: Foursquare has received $ 121 million, and the amount of debt is $ 20 million. The multiplier for the shares of such a start to be just great that the staff really anything earned in the event of the exchange.

Startup option in the loud - not yet secured for the well-being of the developer or manager. When the applicant offered to join the team of the project, ask yourself a few questions and employers to help understand what prospect waits for a new employee.

What You Should Know About The Options Taking A Job At A Startup
What You Should Know About The Options Taking A Job At A Startup

1. Learn about the size of investment, debt and financing the start-up conditions from external sources. Also, find out what percentage of accounts for the simple, and what - to preferred shareholders.

The answers to these questions will help the applicant to understand, by what time it own shares in the option will have at least some value and bring him money. If the structure of stock options in strongly "skewed" in favor of the holders of preferred securities, the interests of ordinary employees are unlikely to be taken into account as a result of entering the stock exchange or redemption of a controlling interest by a large corporation. There are also options when part of the key specialists and top management receives a payment on the shares after the debt repayment on the loans, but before payment will be made on priviligerovannym and common shares. Learn about such details.

2. What is the payout structure?

Simply put: if the company is acquired Foursquare level for crazy money, what will be the price per common share at the hands of the employee? Enter any option of the applicant in the number of those shares for which the payment will be the priority? You can even ask questions, because of the particular hypothetical redemption amounts or investment. If you do not have a clear answer, or, conversely, it named some transcendental figure, a start-up or does not pay the promised reward of options, or never reach the declared capitalization.

3. If the position claimed by the applicant, provides the opportunity to discuss the terms of employment, it is necessary to discuss specific terms of the option.

The first payments of any startup - is debt repayment and payments on preferred securities. That is why employees who claim to high office, the right to bargain for individual conditions at its option. It concerns first of all the key positions in the development and management: people who bring a great contribution to the product and its management have the right to claim a greater share and certain financial guarantees. At least because all appreciate their time and effort.

4. All of the above questions do not hesitate to ask again if the coming new round of large-scale investment in the start-up.

If a major venture is expected to come round or startup has already accumulated a decent debt should ask these questions again. The situation is valid, even if the hiring some time ago you explained everything, and you have all arranged. Motivation of staff should be retained, even after the reorganization and structural changes in funding and revenue. So nothing bad will happen, if the employee is satisfied the strength of their financial future (or doubtful prospects: then there will be no illusions).

In the same team Foursquare say open to questions from their employees about the current and expected financial situation. Revenue growth for the quarter and attract additional venture capital funds are always staff explained how it will affect their future, what it means for them in terms of salaries, payments for shares, etc. Every week in the office all interested can ask questions about the current financial situation of the companies in collective or personal meetings with top managers.
Sunday, 24 May 2015
Which Resume Format Is Most Effective

Which Resume Format Is Most Effective

Recipe effective resume:

The most popular answer given Gail McDowell, founder of the service CareerCup , dedicated to the hiring of technicians. According to her, as well as technology products, the summary should solve a specific task, which is to effectively communicate information about the applicant's professional achievements.

Of course, there is a chance that with their help you will be able to attract the attention of the press, but in summary graphic do more harm than good.

They are uncomfortable to read, and the content is wasted - earned with blood and then it becomes impossible to achieve a professional look at a variety of images and useless graphics.

A good resume format, according, McDowell is characterized by certain characteristics.

It contains multiple columns:

Splitting the text into multiple columns allows a person who reads the resume quickly "run" on his eyes and remember the key achievements of the applicant, or the most important facts about it. Such a method of presentation allows the compact to place a large amount of them on the page, without wasting space on unnecessary decoration.

McDowell does not recommend using resume templates in which the left-hand column is entirely given over to listing categories of information, because in this format is wasting a large amount of space on the page.

It listed only the main achievements:

McDowell says that people spend five to thirty seconds reading a resume that is not enough for you to peruse all of the text on the page. Therefore, when the resume is too long-winded, it reduces the quality and increases the likelihood that it will not even skim through.

Which Resume Format Is Most Effective
Which Resume Format Is Most Effective 1

The expert recommends that applicants focus only on the allocation of its key professional achievements, placing them all on a single page (in some cases, the presence of a long and eventful career, you can use two pages).

The information is divided into appropriate sections:

Transfer your professional goals is useless, sure McDowell, so this section should be deleted from the summary. Similarly, it is not necessary at the end of each chapter highlight key points listed in it - the resume should be concise enough that the reader of his people could remember important information without such hints.

Important reliability in the design:

Using tables attached resume solidity and allows more efficient use of space on the page. McDowell also recommends that a bit of time working on the design of the data:

There is no need to focus too much on this, but a moderate use of excreta and italic make resume more pleasant to look at.

Lists of text instead of long:

On average, then, to impress her job, the applicant has in about 15 seconds. This means that long pieces of text will not be read - use bulleted lists, which contain no more than a few lines.

Examples of good resume:

At the end of his record, McDowell cited two examples of effective resume formats. First of them it was their own - it takes into account many of the above tips:

Which Resume Format Is Most Effective
Which Resume Format Is Most Effective 2

The second example is a real resume format you want to use who want to get on an MBA at the Wharton School of Business:

Which Resume Format Is Most Effective
Which Resume Format Is Most Effective 3

Proper Use of Fonts:

Founder and CEO recruitment platform Venturocket Marc Hoag answer Gail McDowell added another way to increase the "readability" resume. The expert advises to do the font, which dial information of the old professional success lighter and smaller in size than the one that is used to describe current achievements.
HR-Manager Tips How To Properly Assess Their Value On The Market

HR-Manager Tips How To Properly Assess Their Value On The Market

When the interview or business meeting it comes to your cost, I recommend to avoid the following wording:
  1. Well I do not know. And pause (do not know, think in advance).
  2. It's such a complex issue (this is a very easy question, it is elementary and basic, and the answer must bounce off the teeth).
  3. The bigger, the better.
  4. Well, no, it is clear that we would like to earn a million dollars (do you really think that stand a million dollars?).
  5. Well, you know, I moved to Moscow recently rented an apartment, so ... (so what? What is the number? It depends on your spending or your abilities?).
  6. At least as many ... (which means a minimum? It means you're willing to spend on this at least a year or a couple of months? Or asking me to come up for you the most?).
  7. I do not know, I'm getting so much, do not want to go down (this is not the answer. Still not clear how much you want to be in this position at this company, and if you want to "get up", how much concrete ).

What is not recommended to do (in other words, do not complicate the perception of you in the eyes of others):

  • Do not force a person in the negotiations make decisions for you;
  • Do not pass on the responsibility for the cost of your argument;
  • Do not burden the other person's details (rented apartment, a pregnant wife, a mortgage, a crowd of relatives Dependents);
  • Do not flirt. This is a business, not a date.

All you have to want to hear: how much you are worth.

You have in mind must be prepared several options that, even if the night wake, betray on the machine:
  • What I stand for Russian companies;
  • How - to international;
  • What financial concessions in the first stage I can go, if the employer is a dream;
  • Fork (on probation and after);
  • What I want to earn in a year;
  • How much do I stand in the case of a good social package (non-motivation: LCA, mobile phone, payment of relocation, parking, free meals - too money correlate these joys with their expectations).

It is very useful to the question "Are you ready to bargain" to answer "yes." Nobody likes hard-nosed and inflexible people. Bargaining can be minor, this time. You can go to the bargaining now negotiating the increase at 3, 6, 9 months at a comfortable amount for you - that's two. And the third - you can say "ready", but not to discuss the intermediate stages, on how many. Perhaps by the end of the series of interviews you so much that they have to be ready to bargain for you in a big way.

Let us turn to the question, how do you know that own the most adequate value.

1. Base - how much do you stand on this site. In fact, the market for the money you have already bought. If this does not unreasonably overpriced, where for various reasons the employer is paying you, feel free to consider it.

2. Read the review of salaries in your sector. They are published, even if it is last year's data, add 10%. Create a picture is quite real.

3. Ask your friends and acquaintances working in your area and in adjacent areas close specializations as they get (with and without bonuses).

4. If you have a friend HR, Shake it to the knowledge of the subject. A good specialist staff, with some assumptions, always knows who how much it costs.

5. Read the salary expectations of other people posted online resume on your specialization. Some fluctuation is (people in a new place always want more than they receive in the current), but the average temperature in the hospital, you will define.

HR-Manager Tips How To Properly Assess Their Value On The Market
HR-Manager Tips How To Properly Assess Their Value On The Market

6. Even if you go to a whole new market (you do not have experience, and hence there is no previous salary in this sector) - Analyze statistics summary of the other and take a resolute decision: here for the money I have because of the circumstances and of his interest in This new direction is ready, but for these - no longer exists. Stir well, serve with ice. Adequacy - the key word in that sentence.

7. And most importantly - well, match this same number to several factors. Their spending, their professional ambitions and his knowledge. Can you live on this money to cover their expenses and a year or two? How many you want to improve? What happens if the money for you, no one will buy half a year? Fall? Fall slightly a month later. It is better to get the money than not to receive them. Calculate your losses in the event of downtime easily. Agree with him. Be honest.

Before the meeting in your mind should be specific figure there without any digression. Either the plug - on probation and after. Any better their financial expectations quite honestly articulate: to such a figure I want to come next year.

Do not hesitate to talk about money.

Feel free? Uncomfortable? Go to the charity, they are people really need. Never apologize or make excuses for their financial expectations. If they are someone seem too high, it's not your problem. Your problem - to sell yourself.

Separate advice to people from the regions coming to Moscow. As one my boss: look out the window every day in Moscow attracts thousands of job seekers. What we do not find among these people? Keep these thousands of competitors in the head. Among them are a lot of smart, flexible and talented. So do not act up and settle for a compromise on the price. Two years later, having behind Moscow's employers, you will feel much more confident.
Saturday, 23 May 2015
The Main Error In Preparation Of Cover Letter To The Resume

The Main Error In Preparation Of Cover Letter To The Resume

In my work, it's simple. Projects done by people, I pick up these people. And I, as a rule, responsible for ensuring that these people in the company was comfortable and well. An important point: any view on HR and deeper into it - always the author. There is no common approach. There is no system - is the most and least effective and innovative ways of communicating, but it is always necessary to take into account the human factor adopted by the company and the rules of the game:

  • You just do not like as a person, but never even know;
  • You can be a young mother - and will always be worse 25 years unobligated boys;
  • You 40+, although the refusal by age and illegal;
  • You get to the homophobic, and themselves from the LGBT community;
  • You call the unconscious negative associations - and there really is no chance;
  • You red lacquer or ugly suit, or cause manners.

Alas and alas. But at the stage of dating correspondence while reading your resume - a chance to impress more or less objectively exists, and this chance must be skillfully use.

I - adept writing cover letters. It begins with this letter is your introduction to a recruiter. Hooked? Click - open your resume. Not hooked - openly, but it is read in two seconds. Yes, too lazy to write. Yes, "do not know" - you might say. Yes, it is much easier to make a choice for all positions. But the market candidates - competitive environment, will have to pull myself together and stiffen.

All that will be discussed below, is relevant both to the purely business structures, and to the creative industry. Of course, there are nuances. The oil company is different in principle from the selection of an advertising agency, and Western players with their 11th different interviews from a small Russian printing house, but it was at the stage of dating correspondence through the resume and cover letter are approximately the same rules.

A cover letter or Resume is unlikely to read your immediate supervisor, big boss or personnel director. His recruiter reads, likely with low qualifications, so it must be:

  1. Short;
  2. Understandable in style;
  3. Devoid of all common phrases and lyrics;
  4. Responsible for several critical issues.

1. Short:

There are different opinions on the topic of how much time is spent recruiter to read your resume, but in any case the time counted in minutes, experienced people are browsing the text on a diagonal very fast. In the cover letter is spent very little time in seconds.

Therefore, two or three paragraphs of text content is more than enough. No more than half a page, even if it is - the employer of your dreams.There are companies and people who can impress the offer "Take me to the job, you will not regret," but in this case your resume and portfolio should beat in the stomach immediately and call you for a meeting shall immediately after receiving the letter. Do not be overconfident. Make small text adequate.

2. Clarity:

Recruiter - usually the person at the initial stage of a career in HR. Not always, and it does not mean that the first meeting with him - an unnecessary and not worth your attention stage, but in most cases - people with not very highly qualified. Your letter should be clear and in form and content.

Avoid formalities. No appeal to the "you" no "hey, eychar, welcome!", Totally unnecessary - to talk about his life from the time of school and indulge in lyrical descriptions of your way of life in complex sentences. It is strongly repulsive form.

Cover letter - business correspondence, not flirting and talking heart to heart. Be clear, it is much easier.

3. Without water and lyrics:

Give specific examples. There is nothing worse than the phrase "I am confident that my experience and skills meet your requirements." When a recruiter reads a phrase in the two hundredth time, he will begin a nervous tic. With this tick your resume is doomed to failure.

The Main Error In Preparation Of Cover Letter To The Resume
The Main Error In Preparation Of Cover Letter To The Resume

Or: "Hello! I am very interested in the vacancy, "Project Manager" in your company. I believe that my experience in previous company complies with the requirements, and I can benefit your company, working in the position. Please consider my resume as a competitor. "

You know yourself? Op - resume basket.

But the lyrics: ".. .Work lot and from an early age: in the 9th grade summer spent as secretary, then taught German and mathematics, worked as a tour guide, tutor, barristers and even a famous journalist in the publication ..."

Or, "Let's start with the good news: I am an energetic, if I start, then snoshu obstacles and do not even notice them, I am an eternal dreamer and creatives, while I was a child with children's spontaneity and openness to the world. I have no authority and blinkered view. I live by the principle "I still can." And yet I have a tattoo. " And another page of text.

Or: "But why do you need me? - You ask. This is for many reasons. I will name two key. First - this is a perfect match to your requirements. The second - in my experience, which is better to say in the figures so as not to ship you a sheet of text. " Further, generally, a sheet of text.

In these examples, unfortunately, zero content. But with excess - chaotic thoughts and judgments of mediocrity. Do not be funny, be necessary, call your professional envy, even if you do not come specifically for this job.

Let the recruiter your resume will close with regret that now their company does not work for you. Let him go home and tells how cool today in his hands was a summary, a great cover letter.

4. Three key answer to the question:

The cover letter should be fully (but short!) To answer three basic questions:

  • What you can do;
  • You can be useful to us in this position;
  • Amount of money you are willing to work in this company (not explain why the figures or the plug is sufficient).

Nobody taught us in school to write an essay with a beginning and a logical end, and in the American school students possess this skill from an early age, but do not feel sorry for yourself, it is worth studying. So, after this essay a person on the other side of the screen should not remain to you any general questions. Who are you, how old are you, boy or girl you are, whether you are able to articulate their thoughts in writing how much you want to receive and why you are interested in this position on the merits.

Be prepared for the fact that nine out of ten recruiters will be unable to evaluate your efforts, nine out of ten you will not answer, or grin - it all worth it to you one of the ten heard. Even one of the twenty.


What is excluded:

  • Biography - "born in an intellectual family, he studied at five, was looking for myself, I read such a book, cross stitching," "After high school, I by chance found himself in the creative university and joined the faculty of a certain skill";
  • Bragging and pathos: "Now I have reached the point where I have to have a value of not only the interesting projects and solid financial perspectives, but also the reputation of the company";
  • The tabloid vocabulary and lack of formal boundaries, "why do you need me? It's simple - I'm the best (smiley). "

Form for a list of companies dreams. Let there will be three of the best. Please, also, that they are ready to communicate in the future. Make it clear that you want to work there, maybe not now, but in a year. And suddenly there is a talent pool (and in fact it actually is)?

If you said a recruiter (even with failure), connect it to Linkedin - you now have live contact of the recently closed for you company. Bingo!

And do not be afraid. Search work - work, and free of charge. While you are looking for a job, especially when you do not, every day you some money. Treat it seriously missed opportunities. And remember, in correspondence, and in person - there is nothing more beautiful than an honest and open conversation. Nobody likes to feel like an idiot even, strangely enough, HR-manager. Exceptions, of course, is there, but, as a rule, in a very specific and complex companies where the approach to the selection of people quite different, and there is not rigged. This is destiny.

For example, once we read the following letter: "I congratulate you (name of company) so that you have recruited the best manager!" And yet. The letter was accompanied with a nice picture girlish face, but you never know beautiful girls. We called it more out of curiosity about such impudence. She was one of our best managers, and does, as far as I know, a great career in a very ambitious and exciting projects.

Courage, honesty and less silly conventions clerk mediocre. Speak with HR-ohm, he is also a man.

And the cherry on the cake: the photos are very easy our lives. The main condition: without the sea and expensive cars in the background, swimwear, vases with flowers, causing postures pouting lips and passport options. And less creative - type profile, smileys, absurd and funny accessories. Live open look, high quality portrait, photo of sufficient size to see your face - big and bold plus the first step forward.
Selecting HR-Specialist In A Small Company Expert Superjob

Selecting HR-Specialist In A Small Company Expert Superjob

The sensational recent interview , "Secret of the firm" Oleg Tinkoff very vividly spoke about startups. Money, they say, can not be considered, a high-end ottoman Coworking can not see. 

But there are other guys, I can see them. They plow for 14 hours a day, instead of a smoothie bring lunch from home and buckwheat before you hire a designer draws the buttons themselves. On the knee. When hiring each specialist traded hard, but wages are paid on time.

This text - for them. Do not read further if everyone who is working on a project, you are invited personally do not feel any discomfort. And if you caught the moment when it became clear that the work with the staff began to eat up too much time, let's look for a solution. 

Why is a HR-specialist?:

Exactly the same as what any other employee - bring money to the company. You have decided to free himself from the search, selection, communication, evaluation, engaging staff. In addition to the release of their time (which is certainly more expensive than a hired expert), you get into the business a new process.

What are the requirements to it? Resources should be:

  • Transparency;
  • Effective;
  • Scalable;
  • In the end - it is cheaper.

Yes, you can call the customer and ourselves, and also make Landing. But professionally coached to work with the objections of the client manager will process more efficient. A professional designer will make Landing better. And professional HR.

And the important point - it will work with staff regularly and systematically, with a guaranteed quality standard. You will need to monitor and make decisions based on the results.

Selecting HR-Specialist In A Small Company Expert Superjob
Selecting HR-Specialist In A Small Company Expert Superjob

My first HR - from whom to choose:

HR-specialists are different. Look, what better corresponds to what is happening in your case.

  1. Recruiter - he is responsible for the process of bringing new people into addicts, conducting interviews, looking for candidates.
  2. Specialist HR outsourcing (KDP) - draws. People, papers, hospital, employment records, the schedule of holidays, PVTR and so on; it is like - its mission is to keep everything according to the law.
  3. HR Manager (HR-generalist) - and Sweden, and the reaper - he about recruiting, about the adaptation of the staff a bit about corporate events and more. In smaller companies, such a person in a single person of all HR-solve problems. Divided into two main types - with the inclusion of a range of tasks KDP, or without it.
  4. Others - Training Specialist, build internal communication and so on. If your company has less than 100 persons, such you just do not need it, so that this type we have today will not be considered.

How to choose:

You already are growing rapidly or you know, when you start. 

You need a professional recruiter. Well, if such a specialist will also competence in other areas, but not necessarily. Above all, he should be able to find, select, engage employees to you. Successfully selling your company the best and weed out others.

The ability to deal with over time, not only on the selection of tasks can serve as an additional motivation for the recruiter: "There is now work off perfectly, and he'll be a one-time HR-director of the new Google!».

Your staff is growing rapidly, but mainly due to the base-level professionals, where applicable standard solutions in the selection and the cost of failure is low.

It is best to take a good specialist KDP possessing basic skills in the selection. It is important to you at a certain number of employees as an average. If you pick up quickly, and the process, and are wrongly - expect trouble, costing a pretty penny.

You are growing at an average rate and longer thinking that the people were at work comfortable, they are given appropriate opportunity for growth, and for you the main thing - to keep the team permanently.

Choose a hiring manager (HR-generalist) - and he will be able to conduct the first stage of selection, and make high-quality internal events to rally the team, and with adequate load - correctly to avoid legal risks.

The same people will tell you how to do so as not to have to endure extra people, so far so good, but in a crisis - cut to the quick. And, on the contrary, do not fall out of reality, calling for wage earners divide your risks just because you are a good and too much work.

The staff or freelance:

It is very simple and does not differ from that of, for example, to buy a designer. Remote employee need to limit the amount of work, when the result is good measure. For the sake of one or two jobs a month does not make sense to take a specialist on the staff - he will suffer without cause and, if adequate, - he will leave. If not - will sit and spend your money. This also applies to a recruiter and, especially, to the HR manager.

With regard to the KDP - yes, it is quite possible in the initial stage to give on outsourcing. Just remember, your immediate co-worker is much more manageable, and more quickly available. But - yes, there is work or not, will have to pay the same.

Selecting HR-Specialist In A Small Company Expert Superjob 1
Selecting HR-Specialist In A Small Company Expert Superjob 1

How to evaluate:

Candidate evaluate personal qualities and motivation.

Need PHP-developers and candidate recruiter claims to have experience of selection of these experts? Let the call at least a couple of frameworks.

He declares that cope with the selection of product specialists or managers - let call and reasonable will explain what development methodology it considers more appropriate.

He considers himself an expert in the selection of rare specialists? Let listed three communities in Facebook on the selection of experts (the correct answer, you can ask your colleagues).

Personal qualities:

Here, I think, at the initial stage of the business owner has the meaning as it may seem strange to trust only your intuition. Objectives set and will take you in person. So why just resign ourselves to suffering.


Ask yourself the question, what your employees. Those who are already with you. For money? In order to believe in the project? For the sake of convenient office? Choose someone who will motivate the same.

Do not be afraid, when the company will start changes, this will have to work individually and in relation to all employees.

How to pay:

Definitely hold on the market, this information is open . And remember that if the applicant attract only money, and not a super-brain problems and vomiting future, then it is not a startup.
What To Read About Project Management

What To Read About Project Management

General education:

Blog Marina Korsakov on marketing, management and common sense. It should not only read all the materials of the blog, but also subscribe to the author's Facebook . A series of tips for managers to help inspect your activities with bird's-eye view and see whether you are ready to go. The book " Career management "- the life and professional career super-manager, on which you should navigate.


To understand why people do or do not do what you need to see a lecture by Dan Pink about the motivation (in English, there are subtitles).
The book " Do not growl at dog "- is repeatedly recommended, but did not read me a book on how to interact with other people and even animals.

Project Management Methodology:

Start with a review article about Agile work. Blog Sibirix companies need to read all the time - there's a lot of interesting material about the development.

" Agile development "- this is a book (free e) of flexible methodologies.

" Theory and practice of adaptive management of the project "- the material will show the difference between the different approaches to planning for" flight charts. "

A series of books by Elia Goldratt will talk about the theory of constraints, finding bottlenecks in production, the reasons for the failure of projects, PERT-diagrams. It is enough to read the first and the last: " The aim "," The goal is 2. It's not luck, "" The purpose-3. It is necessary, but not sufficient, "" Critical Chain ".

" Goldratt's Theory of Constraints "- another book that tells about the TOC.

The Lean Startup is not necessary to read entirely in English. You may well find a brief summary.

What To Read About Project Management
What To Read About Project Management

Personal time management:

The book " How to put things in order "to help find the right approach to the work, to structure their time and thoughts. It is the Russian version of GTD David Allen.

Time Drive , too, will speak about the organization of work: planning, prioritization of cases and proper rest.

A bit of psychology:

The best book about the negotiations - " You can arrange everything "(interestingly, like most boys than girls). The book has saved me personally and many more who are hundreds of thousands of rubles.

The book " Difficult Dialogues "even in a brief retelling teach time out of the conflict and deadlock. 

" Please say "no" to "- here you will learn to pursue their objectives in the negotiations and say" no ".


To begin with, I'm not the first one who tries to make a plan of training for managers. An integrated approach to self-provide children from IT-Agency . Hefty bookshelf Olga Pavlova for IT managers.
Sunday, 10 May 2015
Job Seeking Backend Developer Lawyer And Graphic Designer

Job Seeking Backend Developer Lawyer And Graphic Designer

Dmitry Sonya - backend developer, Perm

Background is 25 years old, incomplete higher education in the specialty information security. I live and work in the city of Perm. Experience over the web projects for almost ten years (since 2005). Now I work in the post backend developer.

Achievements and projects in chronological order:

  1. A mobile application for booking and ticketing network cinemas VeryVelly . Responsible for the design, development and implementation of backend integration with UCS-premiere cinemas.
  2. The backend system Control Manager . Service - assistant manager in the control tasks to subordinates. The introduction of new functions into the system, support for the server group application.
  3. Development and implementation of CRM-system for mortgage companies. Will reduce the formation of a package of documents for the mortgage transaction, to reduce the time from initial application to the granting of the loan.
  4. Work in the company-developer of trading platforms for the exchange and OTC markets. Management Department web development. Introduce a system of customer support, has developed several key products of the company. By the end of the work developed by the Department of profit from products reached 30-40 percent. The company was a member of the board TSRFIN worked on the draft law on regulation of Forex-Market of the Russian Federation. He participated in specialized conferences and congresses.
  5. As a freelancer has been developing websites, e-commerce, support for web projects.
  6. Development of workflow system, allowing to automate financial holding similar applications for supply from the major regional divisions of the company. Revealed similar items already received periodic or one-time applications, and the system has taken a decision on the implementation of the application or for further manual review.
  7. Published in 2007 in the journal "Hacker". One article - to strengthen the lungs hashing passwords, the second - on the mechanisms of concealment of browser exploits from vendors.

Suggestions: I want to work in a young, fresh mind and a clear idea of fast-growing companies. Interestingly haylod, mobile applications, instant messengers. Priority want to develop in the direction of the project management team lead or analyst. Position backend developer is not reset from the accounts, interesting non-standard tasks and approaches.

Job Seeking Backend Developer Lawyer And Graphic Designer
Job Seeking Backend Developer Lawyer And Graphic Designer

Ready to move in Moscow or St. Petersburg, to the remote operation or interesting projects in Perm. Fix 60 thousand rubles, buns, bonuses, options are a plus.



Marina Buturlina - lawyer, Moscow:

Backgrounds: graduated from the law faculty of Moscow State University in 2010 (full-time, budget). Past jobs: radio station "Silver rain", the bank, the Russian holding company, production company "Mastiff" (TV production). Resumes can be viewed here .

The last few years working as a lawyer in a single person, to provide full legal support for the company. Specialized resellers, most of the time working with contract law and an intellectual. English: Upper-Int, attend courses Wall Street English.

Suggestions: a job in IT, advertising, marketing, media. I would be happy to join the team of a startup. Salary - 80 thousand rubles, comments. Five days are considered long working hours.

Contact: , +7 (926) 494-71-13.

Yevgeny Gulin - graphic designer, Moscow:

Backgrounds: incomplete higher education (Marketing / Management).

  • Senior Designer at "AyKenDeliver." Keeping the brand, creating a full Web service traffic, the creation of print and promotional products. Cooperation with typography and programmers.
  • Designer group of companies BLADE. Creating a new product packaging, photo retouching and technical products for the new site, creating web banners, printed materials (brochures, roll-ups, etc.). Prechatnaya preparation layout presentations, warranty cards, booklets, cooperation with printing houses, work in tandem with a second designer .
  • Designer company Itex. Create Web sites and corporate identity.

Create your brand clothing. Portfolio can be found here and here for a more complete summary - here .

Contact: ; +7 (916) 581-11-08

If you are an experienced internet specialist and looking for work in a startup, send your resume to . In a letter to specify:

  1. Name, photo in high resolution, landscape orientation. Attention, no photo applications are not accepted;
  2. Two lines of a background about education, previous work, awards;
  3. Specific cases, portfolios;
  4. Where would you like to get and why, in some company or a startup;
  5. Wishes for wages or other remuneration (share in the startup);
  6. Please do not send your CV with a list of past achievements, first register it as a short text. See section " Job "

If you have a startup and you are looking for a specialist to send mail position description:
  • Office;
  • Description of the responsibilities, required experience;
  • The story of the company;
  • Photo office;
  • The level of salary or other remuneration (share in the company).

Do not forget to indicate in the subject line "vacancy" or "resume".
How To Prepare For The Interview HR-Manager Tips

How To Prepare For The Interview HR-Manager Tips

The last time we talked about the common mistakes in preparing a cover letter and how to avoid them. The next step - to understand what to expect from the first interview?

Consider a practical point of view some of the most frequent questions, doubts and anxieties.
  • How to prepare for the first meeting;
  • What to wear;
  • What to take with you;
  • How long count;
  • How to cope with anxiety;
  • What questions to ask;
  • Further action.

Cherry on the cake: what to do if you came to play a one-man, where all the attention was paid not for you, as well as when you are faced with a particular style of interview or strongly repulsive behavior.

1. How To Prepare For The First Meeting:

There are two possible scenarios: You, by and large, still - and then you can not really prepare for. For example, you look around in the market, go to meetings, try your hand - ask the price, in a word. Then relax and have your life experience.

If you care, you should read the information on the company's website (history, development, customers, basic services - is publicly available information, it is easy to find, and the site may be enough for the audit situation). Read what they write former employees of the network, evaluate the risks for themselves and specify that you may be concerned about. It may be useful to read what they write about in professional societies and reviews, as well as watch video interviews with top officials.

It should be borne in mind that the recruiter, of course, you can arrange interrogation on the subject of what you know about the company, but in general you do not go to the exam of the company, so the overall picture should be enough.

2. What To Wear:

I think the importance of this factor is greatly exaggerated by demagogues. Clearly, if you are - a financial analyst and go for an interview at Deloitte, should wear a suit, but in the summer the girls even tights and jacket.

It's enough to look at the site and read a little about the company.

If you are a programmer or a product manager and go to a job interview, for example, "Yandex", you can totally relax, there yourself recruiters dress as they like.

If you go to a meeting at the company from the public sector, banking, or just a serious federal market leader - wear strict relaxed clothing.

If your future employer - player Creative industry can afford a regular casual.

The main thing - calm tones and neat appearance. Within two minutes will be judged by your brain. I've never heard that at the stage of serious consideration of the candidate someone remembered his clothes, but her hair, the smell, inappropriate accessories (yes, a handkerchief from Hermes a candidate for the position of rows can be very confusing even experienced recruiter who is used to pay attention to details), affectations and mannerisms - often discussed and evaluated.

How To Prepare For The Interview HR-Manager Tips
How To Prepare For The Interview HR-Manager Tips

Clean, neat and modest - these are the three words that you need to consider when choosing a uniform. Alternatively, ask a question before the meeting: what form of clothes is preferred? You will definitely get a precise and clear answer.

3. What To Bring:

Inexperienced candidates - usually very young people - often bring with them a printed resume, diploma, recommendations and dad with printed portfolio. And often only need a passport to pass. The best way to learn what you need to take with you - ask a recruiter in advance before the meeting. All this embarrassment and bustle of perebiraniya securities that were not needed, just add your nervousness.

It is important to take a notebook with pre-recorded questions, pen and cheerful attitude. And the head! First of all bring a head.

4. At What Time To Expect:

This issue is also appropriate to ask the recruiter when you make an appointment. Then the time will not be a surprise for you, and you can control it. You will be clear when the interview, in principle, must end, and if you want to say at the meeting something important or add a story about yourself - you will be easier to count the remaining time.

The important point. Imagine that the meeting lasted an hour. You start in a vigorous pace, but after 20 minutes it lose, tired, swimming in the responses begin to speak more slowly, spread out and lose the rhythm. Remember: it is always much experienced recruiter. Not all professions, it is important to be able to keep the pace of the meeting, but do not give up quickly. Gather, be extremely careful, friendly and keep a smooth rhythm.

Be prepared for the fact that the recruiter may appoint a second meeting followed. And you will have another interview without a smoke break and coffee break. Do not hesitate to ask in this case pause. Toilet, coffee, water or smoke break do not need to scare anyone.

5. How To Cope With Anxiety:

You're a grown man should know ways.

In fact, it is not necessary to handle some special way. Recruiter used to the fact that the candidates are worried. It's a natural reaction, happens quite often, especially if you go to the employer or dream you really need a job. Or you are a beginner and have never been to interview - say so honestly. Admit that worried and a little confused. Nothing serious that you behave naturally.

Recruiter that goes to a reception at the consulate or to the doctor, too, very much upset. And also looking for work, and in general we all - people. The main thing in this situation, do not forget to tell about themselves and do not forget important to ask your questions. So take a notebook in which everything is written before the meeting. That helps a lot. You know how many applicants to the proposal "if you have any questions, I am ready to answer them," said to me, oh, something all out of my head.

6. As We Are About To Step On The Issues That Need To Be Set:

Decide that you are fundamentally important. I'll list examples, but remember - "important" at everyone. Follow your own interests. Remember, you choose a company, people and the environment in which are going to work in the short term. You choose the money, which will live. Take this very carefully.

  • Salary and incentive system (it should be absolutely clear to you, do not hesitate to specify, until you understand, ask when it comes into force and incentives);
  • Uniforms;
  • Schedule delays and accounting;
  • Vacancy to which you respond - whether open first, and if not, what happened to its predecessor;
  • Is there any special requirements for candidates;
  • The specificity of the corporate culture;
  • Are there any special rules that you should know;
  • Whether the official salary;
  • For how long you will be awarded the contract;
  • Workplace (office, open space, a very small office with no air conditioning).

The recruiter may be surprised and say that you are just at the beginning, there is still six meetings, and there is no guarantee that you will get to the last stage, and they say, too early to talk about such details. And he will be right. But you still try. Ask these questions and to other meetings. Turns out as accurately as possible the terms of your future work.

Did not hear the question suggests that this fact is irrelevant to you. For example, you did not ask, "white" if the salary. And in the employment contract can see the amount of 20 thousand rubles, and late. On previous places you have already quit. You have to sign and voluntarily deprive themselves of the guarantees in the event of dismissal or labor dispute.

Whether or not you asked how late are recorded and what timetable. Late several times and received a fine of 5,000 rubles. Or two and a third reprimand - dismissal.

Or you have not clarified exactly the system of motivation and getting "naked" salary for six months, because you have not reached the obscure key indicators. Or you are a smoker, and the company is not just discouraged, and very severely censured. Or do you work comfortably in a secluded corner, and you're sitting in a noisy open space.

If you do not know on what points to pay attention to and what to ask, ask your friends. They are happy to share with you their strains and that hinders work. From this and repels. Remember, the interview - is the meeting of two people who are looking at each other. The recruiter asks questions to you, and you can feel free to ask questions to him. Do not forget about the time allotted for the meeting. If you leave any questions in the last two minutes, you get the general hasty answers.

7. Next Steps:

Ask the recruiter at the meeting, in what form you should wait for feedback. There are several options:
  1. Do you promise to call or write (can not do either one or the other, you should not require or offense);
  2. You will be told that if in three days did not call - so not this time;
  3. You will answer that at this time you do not come, but you will have to keep in mind in the personnel reserve;
  4. You will be prompted to consider another job.

I would advise to behave so as to maintain a good relationship with a recruiter. What? Contribution to the future: perhaps he will remember you later, and it would be your dream job. Recruiters migrate, and the likelihood that you will encounter in other companies, is quite high. Or do not meet because the recruiter would not call you for an interview, remembering your resentful or angry letter about the fact that you did not answer, and you have been waiting for.

In practice, if you do not respond within two weeks - is that you do not come. There are companies who are considering candidates for months, but they are not so much. And keep in mind that no law no one ordered the employer to give this feedback. The company continues to talk only with those who want to work.

If the recruiter has the time - he will tell you. If he has an internal rule meet all the - he does. But he did not have to. Do you want to get feedback - write a polite letter to the issue. We do not get an answer - it means not destiny, continue to look for work.

And Promised Xherry On The Cake.

What if a recruiter is behaving arrogantly or rude, arranges interviews stress to which you are not ready, ask questions that you feel are incorrect, offers to pass tests that seem completely out of place - in general, the interview is for an unpleasant surprise for your scenario. You - a free and adult. You can stand up, say goodbye and leave. You can say that this question is not ready to answer that in a tone not want to talk, that these tests - not what you expect to see in this company.

Be bold, interviewing - a form of dating you now, and the company to you. Be open, curious and natural. And good luck!
How To Take Interview Conversation Into Your Own Hands

How To Take Interview Conversation Into Your Own Hands

I'm sure many thought about before the interview question: how to make an impression that I have to work? What and how to speak? How to behave? Which way to choose?

I have bad news, but it is also good - there is no uniform rules.

There is no magic instructions that will help you 100% chance to appeal to the employer. Each subsequent interview will be different from the previous one. Why is that? Because recruitment is always subjective.

Yes, some of the most modern companies tend to ignore the personal preference, using techniques and tools that are adopting innovative approaches. But eliminate the human factor completely impossible, because in front of you at the table sits a man. With his life experience, well-established rules and mood.

Moreover, when you reach the level of the head, it is, except for all of the above, intuitively determines with whom he wants to, or willing, or can work. The only thing in your power - desires and preferences of a particular person to define itself during the interview.

How to do it? Listen carefully and ask questions. Questions to help you understand what kind of person is needed for this position, what requirements are important, but not described in the job.

Imagine that you have come to the interview. You have been asked to tell about yourself. Are you happy to have begun, for example, from a distance, with a theme of the diploma, detail and proudly listed their achievements and carefully avoided the sharp corners of your professional career. Twenty minutes of quality of the monologue. You - in the spotlight, you are - on the stage. The man on the other side of the table may ask you some questions, and perhaps just listened attentively.

How To Take Interview Conversation Into Your Own Hands
How To Take Interview Conversation Into Your Own Hands

Take a look at the situation from a different angle. You talked about himself, but did not learn anything about the desires of a particular employer for a specific position. Experienced recruiters tend to quickly assess the situation, and if they do not ask - do not tell too much words. Why is that? Because waiting for initiative from you. Watch: how much you are willing to meet, and how deep you are in the subject. In other words, how exactly do you understand what will work, and why you think that the approach to this work.

Many companies today the direction of your reasoning is much more important restatement of summary. Summary fact already read. Now matter how you say what you think, and what you can offer.

So long as you do not ask questions about the job - you are in the zone of complete uncertainty. Moreover, a general knowledge of the company, even if you scoured the Internet, to help, but is not essential. Need detail the specifics of work and rules of the game. There are a number of issues that can be set to almost any job, but it is better to include the brain and ask questions based on what you said a specific recruiter at a particular moment. Question answer. Another question - and answer. Keep in this dance. Before you - the media. Originator.

For example, the following questions are relevant:
  • Tell us why position open (this is a new position, or you're looking for a person to replace). If the replacement of why people left or was fired? Is there any objective reason why he lost? If a person has been promoted - how fast this growth occurred, and what position he moved? At the same time you make a conclusion as a matter of fact the company going career.
  • Ask who is the head of the employee in this position - a man or a woman. Ask what his / her own requirements for the candidate.
  • If you are the people in subjection, ask how many of them. What is the situation in the team at the moment as a whole? When was the last time was to optimize the set of commands or new people? Why is that?
  • What are the requirements for a person in that position, other than those specified in the job? On that particular attention is drawn?
  • As the interviewer evaluates your chances? Have to give at least an intermediate feedback.

For example, specifying a step-by-step, the picture will become for you a little more understandable. The interview, in fact, - trade, where one sells a product (itself), and the second to buy this product (the candidate).

Even if you caught the first meeting of "naive fool", the next step you will encounter an experienced person who is in a meeting with you is to ask yourself these questions:
  • How this person is suitable to my problems?
  • How to fit into the team and into the atmosphere?
  • Will I be comfortable working with him already, for example, tomorrow?

These requirements will never be published. Find out about them, you can only carefully talking with someone.

In addition, smile, be friendly, and collected. It is important. The friendliness and openness of the covers set, including professional and disadvantages. It's nice to work with nice people.

However, there are cases of the pervasive nature of subjective assessment - impenetrable, and you have no chance, no matter how you try. You do not like you, period. And you're clever and quick-witted, and you have a spectacular experience, and financial conditions come together, but there does not come out you stone flower. What to do? It's nothing.

If you can jump over your head - jump. Look outputs on customer job, tell him about themselves, take risks, we see Argues! If you succeed - the recruiter will have to admit defeat. But if the boss trusts his HR-service means not destiny.

How To Take Interview Conversation Into Your Own Hands 2
How To Take Interview Conversation Into Your Own Hands 2

However, do not despair. Recruiters come and go, try again after a while. And once again, if you want.

Remember: every interview - your contribution to the treasury of experience. Less nervousness, more ease, elegance and logic in the responses, clear, well-formulated questions on your part. This is only possible when training. Train even those who have not appreciated.

Remember - do not take the job, on the job and take the appropriate company specific command man. And some of the lyrics: it might seem that this material is written exclusively for the generation Z, which is not afraid of any crisis or shift work or bezrabotnitsy. This is not so. Now on the market a lot of people looking for work, the expected deterioration of conditions or major changes for many job - a tough test for some - an elementary question of survival.
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