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Wednesday, 21 December 2016
Top 7 Career Tips for the Unemployed Looking for Work

Top 7 Career Tips for the Unemployed Looking for Work

With the economy suffering greatly, there are tricks to getting hired online because it can be a tough market out there. Right now, career tips outlined in the following article should help on ways to become employed.

The first tip would be to join a professional group or organisation. Around 70%-80% of jobs are given due to networking or referral programs. This makes it hard for those who are not included in these networking circles. So become involved, and join a group with similar interests and struggles. This can provide the path to getting hired. It is always helpful to be surrounded by people with the same ideas and backgrounds.

Volunteering is another way to join the social circle. This creates a surrounding with important people that may remember you when the time is right. Providing free time is very outstanding, and it can send red flags up to the right people.
Top 7 Career Tips for the Unemployed Looking for Work
A job club may help as well. By starting or joining a job club, insight on jobs available online may occur. Again, everyone involved is there for similar reasons. This creates insider knowledge on what is out there, and the group can discuss strategies and ideas on attaining jobs.

While online, remain positive. This is a huge benefit, and some companies do a check about online activity. Positive comments and feedback is suggested to represent a person well.

Another way to decide on a career path is to host informational interviews with professionals in the interested field. The future employee can know and understand the guidelines of the desired position.

A good rule of thumb would be to make looking for a job a full time job. It is not very successful to just apply to a couple of places. Put a CV on as many websites as possible. The more out there, the better chances that it has to get noticed.

A final idea is about the interview. This is the last chance available to be chosen for the position. Leave fairly early in order to plan for any last minutes problems that may arise. When arriving, fill out all necessary paperwork carefully. It will not matter how long it takes if it is correct. Also, make one final trip to the bathroom for any last minute grooming techniques.
Thursday, 20 October 2016
Best Top 3 Resume Template 2016 Free Download

Best Top 3 Resume Template 2016 Free Download

These are the best resume template in 2016. If you want this template to download it is free and no cost. For better career you can try it for your best life. Good Luck.

Template No 1

Template No 2

Template No 3

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Thursday, 19 May 2016
Go And No-Go 10 Tips On Resume

Go And No-Go 10 Tips On Resume

The heart of any application is the CV. The curriculum is the factual proof of your professional and academic career. It is mostly the title, which is usually taken by the company as First under the microscope. To be able to shine in this tabular form, you should save some points rather. If you avoid the following errors, please leave guaranteed a good first impression.

1. Personal should remain personal:

Earlier, the CV was not only handwritten, but also a lot more detail. Information about religion or political orientation and the occupations of the parents were some an integral part of a few years ago. Today, these details have nothing to look for in your resume. You should only have your professional and educational stations, so your professional experience, internships, degree and diploma.

2. Unnecessary Information:

Even if you have years toasties next studies or training: This information belongs, if it is not relevant for the job, no way in your resume. Tip: Put yourself when writing your application always in the situation of the observer. Which stations are your career for the vacant position of importance and which cover up your potential employer only the view of the essentials?

3. Gaps:

Ideally, a resume should contain any gaps. Nevertheless, such a gap is not uncommon and can not easily cover up just in CV. If you have half a year off taken for reorientation, make sure to also specify the same. It is important that your resume despite the one or the other gap having a common thread. It should be quick to recognize the direction in which you move and what background has the identity of the different stations.

4. Poor formatting:

A sloppy formatting, such as different fonts or uneven engagement, attracts attention and creates an immediate chaotic and negative first impression. The recruiter draws only one conclusion: you have given no effort and are not one hundred per cent behind the application.

5. Fancy Hobbies:

They like to breed budgerigars or like baking for your life pie? A satisfying hobby that everyone should have, but is this information not necessarily directly in your resume. Especially not when it has nothing to do with the profession to which you are applying straight. Interests and hobbies, which are related to the job, you can list at any time, of course, gladly. When you run z. B. sporting activities, you can specify it as a necessary balance to your professional commitment.

Go And No-Go 10 Tips On Resume
Go And No-Go 10 Tips On Resume

6. Length:

Longer than two pages, your resume should not be. This ultimately serves as a faster, tabular overview of your career to date. So Keep it as short as possible and be precise, highlight only important points and come back to details during the interview.

7. Missing contact information:

Since telephone number and address can already be found on the cover page, you have to look for anything in your resume? Think again! Make it to the HR specialists as easy as possible and place your contact information as often as possible.

8. Amateur Photos:

Decorate your CV, in any case with an unprofessional photo or a snapshot. The first optical impression is accentuated at best your professional appearance in a job interview. so do not skimp on a photographer.

9. Misspellings:

Avoid at all costs misspellings. Your resume should reflect your professionalism. Each seemingly small error does exactly the opposite, leaving a more than negative impression. Let your documents so better again proofread.

10. Falsehoods:

To adorn themselves with foreign laurels or to put in a better light, you might like to represent better at first glance. If, in the interview but to questions, you spoil most likely all opportunities. So save yourself the inconvenience and stick to the truth.
3 Tips For A Successful Career

3 Tips For A Successful Career

In addition to technical skills include everyday business a professional appearance and an appropriate appearance. Here are our top tips for the start of the job:

Learn the entry for the rise:

Young professionals want to impress especially the supervisor to thus to secure optimum career prospects. Do you hope to but not too much, because often bosses have too little time to really keep young professionals in mind. Take advantage of the introductory phase therefore comprehensively to learn. You will see: After a short time you will be able to show your learning progress by a professional and motivated operation and are therefore also perceived positively by senior management.

Dealing with colleagues:

Especially for young professionals are the direct counterparts among the most important point of contact. Especially as a college student you have indeed acquired much theoretical knowledge, but still have relatively little practical experience. You can learn a lot from your more experienced colleagues. Ask specific questions and be open to constructive criticism - which is part of learning to do so. Maintain always respectful interaction with colleagues and dignified they experience. Although some traditional processes you happen untimely: Adapt to this at the moment. At a time after your training period you can then attach a thoughtful and constructive suggestion. Observe also the general working environment in order to get a feel for the in-house rules.

Tips For A Successful Career
Tips For A Successful Career

What to wear in the first job?

In everyday working life is certainly also the clothing essential - and the "dress code" from company to company different. Professionals are often uncertain. Yet, here that everyone can acquire the necessary knowledge only by questions eventually. Also, remember that your clothes can not insignificantly contribute to your self-confidence and ultimately to a positive occurrence. Although they are new entrants, but should still been professionally present. The right clothing is as essential, but also depends very much on the actual practice in the respective companies.

Key facts at a glance:

  • Observe good to know workflows and working atmosphere
  • Create a positive atmosphere with colleagues and superiors.
  • Use the training as a learning phase and ask specific questions.
Wednesday, 27 April 2016
Changing Employers - It Considerations

Changing Employers - It Considerations

You have decided to accept a new challenge with a different employer? Then it is now necessary to terminate the existing employment relationship, to request a certificate and to examine contracts. So you do not lose track of this exciting time, we will give you step-by-step advice on changing employers.


Pay close attention to the agreements in your employment so that a notice of termination is not handicapped. Depending on the contract and employment contract deadlines may vary. In any case, a notice must be in writing. 

It is safest to send the termination letter by registered mail to the personnel department or by bringing it in person there is. It is important that an acknowledgment is confirmed. View next quickly your supervisor and after concert the other colleagues.

Seek Performance Reviews:

Request in any case to provide a reference. By law, every worker has a right to a benevolent assessment of skills and achievements. The last testimony plays an important role for the application to your new employer and should therefore be present. 

Even if you have already found a new job, it is worthwhile to ask the witness to complete your application. Moreover, your former employer also serve as a reference. Talk, however, in the run with him on whether he is ready for it.

Changing Employers - It Considerations
Changing Employers - It Considerations

Correct estimate of the "New":

A job interview is not just for HR managers the opportunity to meet you - well, you can estimate the potential employer and check if your ideas coincide. Prepare for the conversation before and search in detail about the company. Some employers also propose a sample workday. Take this opportunity to learn about the company in daily business, your colleagues and your potential new job.

Negotiate Contract:

The last, crucial step is the contract with the new employer. Here it is important to read this carefully and, if appropriate, to ask questions or propose amendments. If it is a temporary or permanent contract? Are monetary issues clearly regulated and salaries, bonuses or commissions held? Also precise arrangements of the installation location and the working hours are elementary components. 

Moreover, competition clauses and confidentiality obligations may be listed, which should be studied more closely. Clarify these points so that you can start with a good feeling in a new challenge.
Sunday, 24 April 2016
Top Tips For A Professional Online Presence

Top Tips For A Professional Online Presence

The Internet is no longer true for a long time as a place of anonymity. Since there are social networks like Facebook and Twitter, it is full of personal data of millions of people. With a few clicks you will find a variety of profiles and reaches personal photos, videos and texts. 

And it is not only individuals who are looking for personal information of others, but also potential employers. With the help of social networks they wish to obtain additional information about their candidates and thus get a better idea of ​​the people.

What that means for the use of Facebook & Co?

Especially in the application phase, users should take their online presence in social networks more closely. In the first step, you can instead use the privacy settings. With simple clicks you can thus control who sees posts and if you can get to your profile, for example via a simple Google search as a profile owner. You should differentiate between your professional and your private online profile. 

During your private Facebook profile might not be suitable for the general public, a public profile in a career platform like LinkedIn or Xing can actually be healthy. But beware: Who makes accessible its profiles for all, of the impact of his contributions should be aware. Control your own profile therefore regularly.

Better no extreme party photos and gossiping:

To leave a bad impression with recruiters and other professional contacts, should be dispensed with critical content precisely during the application phase. The own fingerprint on the Web may eventually even created and influenced, but very rarely cleared. 

To be barely noticeable to potential employers, you should avoid extreme party pictures and negative comments about one's current job situation in general. 

Top Tips For A Professional Online Presence
Top Tips For A Professional Online Presence

Also comments and messages in forums and blogs, especially about professional issues should be carefully considered. Recognize potential future employers indiscretion and disloyalty, they will probably keep their distance from this candidate.

Conscious Communication for increasing the job opportunities:

To be not only perceived neutral, you can actively use social networks. To have the courage to spread interesting information or to draw attention to his hard work, can pay off. Even those who have special hobbies, skills or knowledge, and this is interesting in scene can with his online I definitely left a lasting impression on business and so advance his career.
The Seven Main Application Myths

The Seven Main Application Myths

The application is and remains a much discussed topic. Not even the success of the online application has not changed a bit. Still, many mistakes keep about which components are important for human resource managers and decide what aspects about success and failure. The online job portal CareerHope surveyed in a recent study on job 1,000 recruiters and compiled from the results of the seven main application errors. See for yourself if you fall into the trap of applying myths.

"The most important part of the application is the letter"

A personal letter is undoubtedly an integral part of this job. But even more significant is the CV: 91 percent of recruiters consider him important. call relatively low 66 percent, the letter only 63 percent of HR managers. No wonder that the CV, the central element of the mobile application through which a smartphone.

"If I do not use a personal approach, my application is generally no chance"

Only 16 percent of recruiters keep a personal address to be indispensable. Nevertheless, a "Dear Madam" the worse alternative. For an individual application ideally includes an individual approach. If you can not determine a contact on demand, but this should not be a reason not to hold a job.

"Applications by Smartphone acts unprofessional"

The study results of According CareerHope would already nearly half of HR managers a mobile short application prefer if the recruiter characterized received more applications. The contact between applicants and companies is so much faster and easier. In the competition for the best business professionals increasingly use new ways. The application via smartphone is for many today a useful tool - unprofessional? Not a trace!

"It just depends on the content of"

It is true that a well-structured content application is an important prerequisite for an invitation to an interview. The content alone is often not sufficient to convince recruiters. Nearly one in four HR managers identified messy and unkempt documents as a common mistake of job seekers. Whether online or classic - a good structure and a current and clean presentation of own merits are a must.

The Seven Main Application Myths
The Seven Main Application Myths

"Quantity instead of quality - with as many applications are the chances of finding a new job is greatest"

The recruiters in companies quite differently: for they are mass applications, which lack individuality, No. 1 on the most common mistakes when creating application documents. Although it is tempting to use an application has been created, multiple resist the assembly line trap!

"More is better - I should send as many documents"

Who wants to be sure that the application will be read at all, should be careful in doubt a document to provide less. If additional documents are required, they can usually be easily supply later. In addition: Only 29 percent of surveyed CareerHope Recruiter accept e-mail attachments to an unlimited amount of. 14 percent accept up to 10 megabytes, 37 percent up to 5 MB and 15 percent only 2 MB.

"HR professionals consider only the application and decide right after"

If you expect is usually wrong. 56 percent of recruiters use other sources of information in order to gain a better picture of the candidate. 28 percent get to a external and specified in the application references, 13 percent use the Internet. 11 percent even put to feedback from common personal contacts.
Top 5 Questions & Answers On Interview

Top 5 Questions & Answers On Interview

Finally it's so far: your dream employer has invited to a personal meeting. We give answers to 5 frequently asked questions on interview:

1. What should I wear?

In general: Customize your outfits to the corporate image. Apply for a job with an insurance company or bank, you should certainly choose a more conservative outfit. As a man you do with a suit, a shirt and a matching color necktie nothing wrong. Depending on the company, it is possible to dispense with the tie. Women have access to a business suit.

2. What rules should I follow when greeting?

The first impression counts. Therefore Meet your interlocutors despite your nervousness with an uninhibited smile and handshake.
Inquire in advance about who you are calling and talk to the person now with their name. If in doubt, you should look at the welcoming your counterpart exactly on the name and then this pick right in your greeting.

3. What should I watch body language in things?

Sit talking room only go if it is to you. Try to keep your hands loosely to place on the table top and is easy to bend forward. This attitude suggests attention, openness and interest. Avoid kicking back in the chair and fold their arms if possible before the chest.

Top 5 Questions & Answers On Interview
Top 5 Questions & Answers On Interview

4. How long should I wait until I call after the call and query the status of the application process?

Ideally, ask at the end of the conversation politely how long it will take an estimated until you hear from each other again. If you see a quite realistic period mentioned by one or two weeks, you can tackle them once in any case after the expiration of this period. - You should be careful to ensure the company is not too much to force a decision.

5. Should I the subject content to address self-employed?

Mostly the subject content of the call is picked up in the course of the event. Does it but at the end of the conversation: "Any questions?" and the subject came not previously discussed, you now have the opportunity to address it on their own. This is perfectly legitimate and understandable. Some companies negotiate the salary, however, until the second week.
Tuesday, 19 April 2016
How To Write A Clear And Effective CV?

How To Write A Clear And Effective CV?

Seeking an internship in a company or a student? You need some CV send, but are not most in this area? No panic! There are a plethora of tips for a good CV setups and you your future employer as an ideal candidate to present!

1. Before you use your many skills and qualities, providing me for a clear and structured!

A Curriculum Vitae ( "CV") is the first glimpse you a recruiter in your personality and go. Which should of course be exemplary, and your educational training, your certificates, experience, skills and specific interests. You have to "sell" from the mass: other candidates have a place in the A foothold!

The look of the CV must clearly and structured. Blanks data should be left above specified. In these blanks details include: your name, your name, your address, your birth date, your personal phone number and your e-mail address.

It is also important to indicate the date when you have sent your CV, so that the recruiter a better classification can, if your profile interested him.

If you apply via the Internet such as enter your document at best a title such as "CV-name-first name", so that the recruiter your CV easier can.

2. Now the focus is to provide a value to put on your strengths to emphasize.

A CV can be written and chronologescher seated or different information are detailed. The last version is easier to read in your head recruiter directly at the interesting points of your preparing.

A logical chronological CV may be so constituted: 

Do always thought, the CV on the language to send and that the News was written.

3. A few tips for all the Freudian Walking:

Error, the CV steps are

Obsolete data: Enter only important and serious information about you. The details such as your second name or your social insurance number are irrelevant. Please also boast a serious e-mail address description, such as "" and not "".

How To Write A Clear And Effective CV?
How To Write A Clear And Effective CV?

A photo with friends: A photo is not obligatory on a CV, but if you  please select a decent and professional photo from, so that your future employer stage you seriously.

"Holes" in your CV: Please note, a complete CV presentation! Provide comprehensive circuit to, even if you Anne Sabatique completed or after a few months, other studies have begun. Otherwise you can be sure that the recruiter will discuss the questions will arise.

Interests that nothing testifying: Let the recruiter only the things with which he might also interest. Beyond does not "look like the TV" :). Presented the interests that define your personality.

Right spelling: It would be a pity, a good structured CV writing and not on the spelling revelations! About read your text several times and ask another person for the CV once to read about, before you send to the recruiter.

What a recruiter and a CV searching:

A study by Robert Half Cabinet has shown that the recruiters a CV 5 to 10 minutes long series. Additionally they seek primarily to the key of apprenticeship or the workplace. A title with your name and the title of the job, you lies, and a few words, to describe, to allow the recruiter directly, your profile with the supply and connection to the net.
Monday, 11 April 2016
Jobs Tips: Here It Becomes Harder To Get A Job

Jobs Tips: Here It Becomes Harder To Get A Job

Both graduates and unskilled going tougher times ahead. Fewer job vacancies provide more job applicants on the same leg, and the number of unemployed youth increased.

An inventory of job advertisements Rubric have picked out for NRK shows that job seekers have significantly less to choose from now than just a year ago.

The total for all industries, the decline from June last year to June this year at 17 percent.

The first thing that happens when companies are thinking about downsize, it is that they stop hiring new people. Sectors such as administration, finance, and construction is going to think carefully before they announce new positions, said Taylor.

See table of which sectors announces fewer positions further down in the article.

Fewer jobs in sales and finance:

He points out that the typical office jobs often disappears streamline ingens name. Already standing 6666 office workers listed as unemployed in Navs statistics, which is an increase of 14 percent compared to last June.

In administration, human resources, accounting, sales and marketing are noticeably fewer job vacancies than before. According to Taylor will primarily affect those graduates who have to compete with job seekers who already have experience in the industry.

It is quite clear that those who go out of management and economics studies will notice that the job market is extremely much tougher now than they were just a year ago, said Taylor.

Those who applied for a job in administration, office and personnel in June this year, had 43 percent fewer jobs to choose from than in the same period last year.

Here It Becomes Harder To Get A Job
Here It Becomes Harder To Get A Job

Advertised vacancies in customer and personal services fell by 53 percent from June last year to June this year, shows the outline of Rubric. For positions in finance and accounting, the number of job postings by 30 percent, while the number of ads for vacancies in sales and marketing decreased by 14 percent.

Consultants and others with so-called "liberal professions" must put up with fewer demands their expertise. The decline is 49 percent if one compares job postings from June last year to June this year.

Nor those with education or experience in the IT and telecommunications has as many jobs to choose from as before. Number of job vacancies in IT fell according Rubric by 20 percent from June last year to June this year.

Taylor call the IT sector market for a "milk and bread industry," and points out that there will always be a need for employees who master IT and internet.

There will always be an ongoing need. Programming is an excellent trait to have in today's job market, he says to NRK.

Meanwhile, figures from Rubric that it is not only typical office work in finance, consulting and administration disappearing.

Hundreds of applicants at one store position:

Number of job vacancies in the retail sector fell by 16 percent from June last year to June this year.

The decline means that those who manage the centers can pick and choose among applicants. Tuesday told NRK about a Kiwi shop in downtown that received over 840 applicants for one part-time position as a store employee . Also Nav office report between 400 and 500 applicants for store jobs.

At the same time unemployment statistics from Nav that the number of unemployed in retail and sales have increased by 14 percent from June last year to June this year.

Nothing suggests that it is easier to get a job "at checkout" at the grocery store with the first. 16 percent of the retail and service industry says it will cut the number of employees , the new economic survey.

Taylor also believe builders and contractors will think very carefully before they look around for new employees. Just over the past year is over 1,100 more construction workers registered as unemployed, according to figures from the Nav. While showing the outline of Rubric that those who have already lost their jobs have fewer jobs to apply for.

For sector crafts, construction and engineering, the decline in the number of job vacancies from June last year to June this year at 39 percent.

We see it clearly in the figures, there is a significantly lower speed in construction now than just a few months back, said Taylor.

Engineers and journalists struggling:

Also graduates or unemployed engineers must make do with fewer vacancies than before. While our office had 1,023 engineering positions out in June this year, the figure was 1,321 the same month last year. In one year's decline thus 23 percent. Navs statistics show the same trend: It becomes more difficult for engineers to find a job. Under the heading "engineering and ICT subjects" are 871 more people registered as unemployed in the last year

But engineers still far more jobs available to search than journalists and communicators. In June this year registered our office only 118 job vacancies under Media, information and public relations, while in June last year were 176 jobs available. This is a decrease of 33 percent.

Graduates who want to enter the media industry is clearly those who have it hardest, said Taylor.

The oil industry has declined by 35 percent, while those applying for jobs in industry and manufacturing had 20 percent fewer jobs to apply for in June this year compared with last June.

Public Sector Lights Out:

Although the total number of job advertisements on our office has fallen by 17 percent over the past year, there are some areas that have more vacancies now than last summer.

In education and research, the number of job ads increased by 26 percent from June 2015 to June 2016.

The greatest growth in public services and administration. While at least 924 such posts lay out in June last year, the figure was up in 1358 in the same month this year.

There are also several vacant jobs in the arts, culture, sports and music. From June last year to June this year Rubric registered an increase of 41 percent.

Those in search of jobs in banking, finance, real estate and insurance have more to choose from today. Number of job vacancies has increased by 14 percent from June last year to June this year, the figures show Rubric has brought out.

Article continues below table:

Here is the decline in job vacancies greatest:

Here It Becomes Harder To Get A Job 1
Here It Becomes Harder To Get A Job 1

More young adults without job:

People who offer their labor to the labor market, in that they either already employed or seeking employment, constitutes the our country people workforce.

In recent years, the labor force remained stable at around 70 percent of the population. When the number of advertised jobs decreases, while the labor force remains relatively high, it becomes harder to find work.

According Nav is 2.7 percent of what is called the labor force without jobs today.

In all, 73,458 people unemployed in our country at the end of June 2015. Compared with the same month last year means an increase of ten percent.

There are also several young adults who do not have jobs. Figures from NAV show that there were 10,278 unemployed in the age group 20 to 24 years in June this year. In the same month last year was 9804 persons in that age were registered as unemployed. Growth in the number of unemployed between 20 and 24 is thus closer to five percent.

However, there are people aged 40 to 59 years who have the greatest unemployment growth. Nav has registered 14 percent more unemployed in the age group.

For those between 30 and 39 years is 13 per cent were registered as unemployed in June this year compared with June.
Friday, 8 April 2016
Which Career Suits You According To The Constellations?

Which Career Suits You According To The Constellations?

Are you born to be rich? Astrology-experts claim that if you are born in Scorpio, Leo people, beef or Cancer them is likely that you will be successful wealthy. Capricorn and Aquarius are then likely to have at least between your hands. Although we are not all rich, we can be happy in their work because money is sooo not at all. Read here about what career suits your signal.


Aries is strong, zealous, enthusiastic and live. He thrives best in a job where he is performance-related and especially if you can compete to get a bonus for a job well done. Aries is also very brave and often choose the Rams jobs in law enforcement, fire and such. Aries is very good at delivering the message, but jobs the commercial sector suitable ram well.

The main functions: Entrepreneur, police, fire, politics, television and advertising agency.


What characterizes preferably Taurus is stability. Taurus works hard for good benefits, vacation, wages and job security. Since Taurus is determined, patient, honest and organized it is a great team and very reliable. Taurus has an eye for beautiful things and love working with flowers, food, jewelry and luxury goods. Taurus is also known to have a clear, high voice and would be very suitable as a tutor, presents and such.

The main jobs: teacher, accountant, lawyer, designer, chef, landscape designer.


Cancer is jealous, it's important to provide for his family and he is conscientious work. He works best in private without anyone trying to look over his shoulder and very sensitive to being watched his employer. Crabs show his work generally the same care as they do to their home. They are protective in nature and care of the workstations and are often selected in positions of responsibility. Cancer fidelity and treats his colleagues like family. Cancer is likely to lay the ear if any colleague a problem, as long as the troubles do not threaten his own position in the workplace.

The main jobs: doctor, nutrition initiatives, donor, teacher, nurse, midwife, farmer, gardening, hotel management.


Do you want to make happy twins? Give him plenty of projects and keep them stimulating for the mind. Remember that Gemini is the twin which means you have to reach two persons; you have to let him have enough to do and work fast. The twins will not last long to do the same. Jobs that involve traveling ideal and also all kinds of social activities. Geminis are optimistic and energetic and should encourage him to express himself and not too rigid regulatory framework around him.

The main jobs: Broker, teacher, architect, leaving manager, tour guide, journalist


No one is better than Leo to lead the company to success and prosperity. There are frightened, inspiring and independent and works best when the focus is on the love and very powerful work. The lion may be difficult in a team effort because it requires hard but charm manages to impress everyone at the end. Can be difficult to control a lot. It is impulsive and still invention and is better suited to lead rather than follow.

The main functions: Director, actor, singer, realtor, interior designer, fashion designer, salesman, politician.


Virgo is known for his perfectionism and is performing very well in jobs that require precision and trifling. She is mindful, very hygienic and good at abstract thinking. Virgo is very good in service and you were very happy with Virgo that servant, secretary or beautician. Virgo is the one that gets most tip in service. Writing, research and account is good for Virgo. Ease of communication and generally very happy. Many Virgin's are strong in foreign languages.

The main jobs: editor, writer, teacher, critic, translator, scientist, technician.

Which Career Suits You According To The Constellations?
Which Career Suits You According To The Constellations?


What would we do without her? Libra is charming, funny and friendly. Libra has a unique collaboration features and is a great leader. If you need to solve the customer phone then let a weighing system take care of it. Libra is the sign of the people. She loves other people. It should not be let Libra only inside the dark office. It will not work. She thrives on being around people in the living environment. She is artistic and likely to be a singer in a band.

The main functions: Dancer, reseller, presents, negotiator, tour guide, singer, actor.


Tension is what Scorpio needs. Do you need to disconnect the bomb? Call the scorpion and he Lightfoot this. Scorpio can isolate itself from the entire stimulus and be completely of work. He is curious and fascinated by what is mysterious. Scorpio is drawn to what is unusual and wants to know what it is that makes people do what they do. Do not look over the shoulder of Scorpius. He needs independence and confidence.

The main functions: Investigation, lawyer, scientist, surgeon, scholar.


Sagittarius is alive, full of energy and rather philosophical. Sagittarius is an excellent decision-making and is just as easy head. Many Archers are spiritually inclined and function well in jobs that focus on the environment, animals, guidance and faith. He loves travel and outdoor activities. Sagittarius is open and loves to have fun around. Everyone familiar with and he is always central focus at work. Sagittarius wants to have a good all around and is a master at spending tension in the atmosphere. It can not tie him down or hang it in detail. Routine kill.

The main functions: Priest, veterinarian, editor, information, training and everything related to travel.


Capricorn is very ambitious and need challenges to be happy. Capricorn is like a mountain goat that found its way on to the top she is determined and strong and will do anything to achieve its objectives. Capricorn is usually full responsibility and fairness and love of power. She works on the plan may be preferably not unsettle from and attached to rigid rules. If you need someone to do the right thing then do not look further. Capricorn is the right person. Often Capricorn workaholic.

The main functions: management, bank employee, director, manager, programming, pharmacist, doctor.


The feature that distinguishes the water received from all other signals is a humanitarian nature. It is curious, seeks out adventure and loves to explore unconventional ideas. Aquarius is most likely to work atypical work, even in something he invents himself. Aquarius is a rebel against the regulatory framework and require the freedom to think and move. It does not ask him to do things as they have always been made before. If you need to shake up the issues and get a new perspective on things then please get in Aquarian work and you will not be disappointed.

The main jobs: scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, farmer, pilot, designer, musician.


Many Pisces are old souls. The keywords here are creativity and passion. The fish is brought in traditional arts such as music, dance, art and photography. The fish is very inventive. If your stylist is Fish then he cuts you not only modern and trendy but also goes as you. He has a unique eye. Many who are to study the tarot cards and astrology are Pisces. Intuition helps in fields that require compassion.

The main functions: Artist, nurse, physical therapist, psychologist, volunteer, philanthropist.
Wednesday, 6 April 2016
Debate On The IQ Test In The Job Interview

Debate On The IQ Test In The Job Interview

Helps IQ tests to a professionalization of recruitment processes?

After Dagens Noam (DN) in an article wrote about the international company Jotun use of IQ tests to screen out candidates for employment, the debate raged around the topic.

According to CEO of HR in Jotun, Merete Aspaas, is in fact not the traditional job interview enough to get an idea of ​​the job seeker's capabilities.

To ask a candidate if their skills are not good enough. Many of those we hire are professionals and know what to answer. A test gives us a proof, says Aspaas to DN.

She stressed, however, that the tests are not used in all hiring processes and managers recruited internally, as most leaders do in Jotun, escaping because they have already shown what they are capable of.

A Risky Sport:

Reactions have not been long in coming. One of they come from Tore Viggo Sørensen member organization HR Norway. He looks at employment as a risk sport, which should not be influenced by such tests.

Selecting and hiring people is a risky sport and one should limit the use of tests, says Sorensen told DN.

A test measuring tiny bit of what that man consists in, and there is a lot you do not get hold of. We encourage our members to use such tests wisely if they are needed - and only as an additional supplement to other methods in the hiring process says Sorensen.

Debate On The IQ Test In The Job Interview
Debate On The IQ Test In The Job Interview

Aspaas argument reasons in figures from research world, which she believes has helped to professionalize the recruitment processes in the international company.

We lean us on research showing that this is the best way to predict future performance, says Aspaas, who has seen the tests are difficult "to deceive."

We have made countless ability tests. Inflated CVs will soon see through, she says.

Let People Try:

Sorensen believes such tests ignore the person's social skills.

Among other things, the test completely ignore that this man will be working in an environment with other people. We know that people are complementary and that this is an important factor when hiring a new employee, says Sorensen in the interview.

For he is therefore the solution to allow the candidates to try their hand in the job to show their skills as processed.

Job Simulation is the by far the best method. Let people try their hand in the job they actually set, so you can see if he is good enough, says Sorensen.
Monday, 4 April 2016
15 Things You Should Not Say During A Job Interview

15 Things You Should Not Say During A Job Interview

Do not excuse your resume, do not tell the boy ride to the south and not act like your worst trait is that you are "too clever". Here are 15 things you should steer clear during the job interview.

The job interview can be a scary affair. Especially if it's a job you really want. Then it is also particularly important to give a good impression and say the right things, but when you're a little stressed out can be an ordeal. To chop down on your old boss, seem uncertain or try to embellish the image of you exhausted clichés are bad ideas when you're applying for a job.

The American career site The Muse has listed 30 things you should steer away from , whether it's your dream job in question, or something to fill your time with. We've picked out 15 of them.

"I did not get along with the boss"

Never Sit notch on anyone or anything in the company you worked for before. Whatever was the reason you quit, you should keep the tone somewhere between neutral and positive when you talk about your old job. If you can point to more people you have not come to an agreement with, you run the risk that it sounds as if it's you it's hard to work with.

"I'm very nervous"

It's normal to be nervous when you sit and sell yourself, but do not tell them that. One of the things a potential employer will look at you is confidence, so if you do not feel very cocky where you sit, fake it.

"I'll do anything"

When an employer to hire someone, they will choose the one that really want the job, and who are genuinely interested in it. If you express that you are in desperate search of any job, it sends entirely the wrong message and the employer has no reason to believe that you will do a good job.

"I know that I have little experience but .."

You may have little work experience, but it knows employer after reading your resume. There is little point in pulling someone's attention towards it. Focus on what you can and sell into yourself as possible.

"It is on my CV"

About the on interviews with asks you something, answer. They've read your resume all and knows all about what you have done by working earlier, but they will also consider your ability to communicate and therefore ask the question perhaps they have the answer to. They know that it says on your resume.

"Yes, I can answer!"

It is expected that you have prepared well in advance, but you should not rehearse verbatim answers to questions you expect to get. You risk being so rehearsed that you are unable to lead a normal conversation. It helps little if you have the perfect answers to some questions when you are so set that can possibly fail to respond to others.

"Perfectionism is my biggest weakness»

The question of what are your weaknesses are often one of the hardest to answer. You do not want to divulge all your bad sides in an interview where the whole goal is to get the employer to trust that you are the best candidate for a job. 

15 Things You Should Not Say During A Job Interview
15 Things You Should Not Say During A Job Interview

Tapping positive traits and rather say that you almost have a little too much of it has become a popular way to answer, but there is enough few employers who believe. To answer "perfectionism is my biggest weakness" is so cliche-filled, you can almost be sure that the employer has heard it several times before. And he buys there. Instead, try to be honest, find a weakness in yourself, but point to things you've done to get better in that area.

"I think outside the box"

Yet another cliché. Drop all typical phrases and explain rather who you are in a genuine way, and by giving examples of what you have done. Then the employer can evaluate whether he thinks you think outside the box or not.

"Eh, so I helped in a way that the company somehow grew»

All fillers should take a good break from your vocabulary when you're sitting in an interview. Having a couple of "like" and "in a manner" in every other sentence just makes it sound as if you really do not quite know what you're talking about, or that you are simply poor to communicate.

"I do not know"

You can get a question you actually do not quite have the answer to. Are you a bit tilted by the pin, drag it out, for example with an "it was a good question .." and think, think, think.

"I have no question"

You are often asked if you have any questions at the end of the interview, and you should. Not having any question sends signals that you really are not that interested.

"When I was in Sunny Beach .."

It's nice to share some stories with the employer. It can make you be remembered among all the candidates, and you have something in common, it may lighten the mood a little. But hold it both interesting and relevant. It should be related to something the interviewer talked about, to the company or the job.

"I've wanted to start for myself as soon as possible"

An employer is obviously not interested in just help you with starting capital you need so you can stop there and start for yourself. That's fine with ambitions, but there is no need to talk a lot about that you're not going to be there so long.

"Do you know how long this will take?"

Do not start watching the clock and trip with the feet. There is very little nice to talk to you if you look as if you have other places to be.

"I'm a little early, I»

You will never be late, but it is unwise to get too early either. If you troops up 20 minutes early employer may get stressed out or feel guilty for having let you wait. Looking at work, would you rather that they should be in their best mood.
Sunday, 3 April 2016
Additional Job Makes You Attractive In The Workplace

Additional Job Makes You Attractive In The Workplace

Students who have worked alongside their studies are more attractive than others when they enter the working world.

Additional work alongside their studies, it will be the highest valued in the hiring process. Working Experience shows that it is an ambitious person with willingness and interest to something more beyond trials employer you are dealing with. Such candidates have the most to gain in the labor market, writes Webfinanser, reproducing parts of the survey conducted by Thomson Facts.

The survey also shows that 15 percent of HR experts ranks language skills highly. Seven percent say studies abroad and participation in union life is important. Social competence and personality also scores well.

It is important for employers to see that the candidate has no more expertise and experience beyond their studies, and that one is able to keep several balls in the air simultaneously. It can be crucial that a person has work experience, says Annica, HR-editor of Thomson facts, to Webfinanser.

Relevant work experience in combination with studies, according to Andreas Wettre The Performance Group give you an advantage in the competition for good jobs after completing his studies.

Additional Job Makes You Attractive In The Workplace
Additional Job Makes You Attractive In The Workplace

Extra Fancy does not affect their studies.
There is little correlation between how much you earn during my studies and study progress, writes Universitas.

Those who earn more than the income limit has approximately the same progression as those who earn less, says researcher Vibeke Opheim by NIFU to the student newspaper. NIFU behind the new report based on figures from the Tax Register and Loan Fund.
Thursday, 31 March 2016
To Write A Resume That Gets Read

To Write A Resume That Gets Read

A good resume is all about good and relevant content, and how you present yourself. Do you have a resume on eight pages, it will not be read.

Director of Adecco Search & Select, Guri Larsen has extensive experience within the recruitment industry, and have read thousands of resumes. She has seen everything from creative concoctions with power point presentations, DVD movies and a resume created as a character series. Surprisingly got none of these work. Such resumes gives stamp of user, she points out.

Along with the creative antics have Larsen joined by many bad resumes, she knows therefore well what differentiates a good resume from a bad.

CV and application is your gateway to a job interview, so you must do a thorough job. You can not set up at the starting line unprepared. You must spend time and work well with their cover letter and resume, says Larsen.

A Good CV:

CV and application must be professional no matter what position you are seeking. Common to both is to communicate forward a clear and strong message. It is important to think about who you're writing your resume and application to.

You have to think about the recipient. Who is the recipient of your resume and cover letter? A resume is all about what you have content and how you present yourself. What have you done, who you are and what you have contributed. This write down when you make a good resume, she says.

Larsen says that good content and a neat resume template, make yourself visible in the pile of resumes. She refers to an attempt, in which two resumes with different template, but duplicate content has been treated differently. Resumes with too much content can ruin for the candidate.
- When the employer reading your resume, they focus on personal, key competencies and current position. Is not this clearly will resume placed in the "no-stack." Candidates as well tell what they have achieved in all jobs, lose employer interest. So it will not be done, she continues.

Therefore You Do Not Have Image:

Within cognitive psychology, it researched the "halo effect", which is all that you ascribe some properties of things or actions based on what you've experienced before or based on forms built up in the brain.

Research shows that one prefers people with an attractive look better than those who do not. The person's subjective opinion may therefore be detrimental to the person seeking employment. We perceive the neat as kind, nice, wise and clever, but it is not certain that this is so.

It's rare appearance and characteristics have nothing to do with each, says Guri Larsen. She is not a fan of imagery in your resume and think this may have a negative effect.

To Write A Resume That Gets Read
To Write A Resume That Gets Read

Image CV can be dangerous for you. If you are not prompted, then drop it. Picture on CV has nothing to do with who you are, what you can and what you want to accomplish in your job.

CV Rules:

Here is Larsens rules when writing CV:

Rule Number One: Give the recipient list at first sight.

Start with personal details and your key skills. Key competencies are not only the professional background, but will also describe what you've accrued expertise through studies, associations and job. Get into who you are as a person.

You should always set up your CV in reverse chronological order. What you've done the last to come on top. Ideally, your current job be at the top. But you graduate you take the last completed degree.

A resume will not be many pages. One page is enough, two sides is acceptable, but a resume of eight pages are not read.

Rule Number Two: You need to stand out, but you must not be weeded out.

In your CV you need to bring out results and relevant experiences. Bring out what you've worked with and the results you have achieved. Do not bring anything but take what is important for exactly the job you now want to apply for.

A trap is to smear on too thick. Here you can quickly be revealed. Be precise and objective. Get someone to read over the text for you. It is important that you have a good language. Be sure to be concise, and remove all typos.

Colored paper, border or drawings creates noise, steer away from this. Drop also picture if you can.
Monday, 21 March 2016
Ethnicity And Gender Affects Job Opportunities

Ethnicity And Gender Affects Job Opportunities

It is not only your expertise that decides whether you get the job after graduation. Informal skills, ethnicity and gender also has much to say on the labor market, according to social scientist Julia Orapabo.

The doctoral dissertation "Expertise - a symbolic marker. Gender, ethnicity and aspirations in the transition between education and work, "she claims that ethnic and gender ranking of competence influences students' aspirations and choices when they enter the working world.

Orupabo interviewed 36 nurses, laboratory technicians and computer technologists of both genders and different ethnicities - both while they were undergoing training and one year after completing his studies.

Although the majority of those I followed got a job, was there a difference in how interesting jobs they did, she says to Your Money.

Ethnicity And Gender Affects Job Opportunities
Ethnicity And Gender Affects Job Opportunities

If you want your dream job as it is important to master an ethnic our country people, according Orupabo. For nurses and computer engineers is more important to have characteristics that students perceived as masculine.

Even bioengineers who had moved to our country as adults ended up getting up relevant job after graduation. But labor was usually easier than ethnic our country people had the opportunity to perform.

More adult immigrants also said they experienced much exclusion during their studies. That they did not participate in the example group made sure they were very pessimistic, according Orupabo.

Both female and male nursing students with different ethnic backgrounds wanted to work in a hospital rather than a nursing home. It turned out, however, that only ethnic our country nurses who ended up getting a job at the hospital.

The findings of Orupabos research confirms earlier studies showing that sex acts as a central factor for exclusion in some gender-segregated education and professions.
Sunday, 20 March 2016
The First Step Towards Your Dream Job

The First Step Towards Your Dream Job

In today's challenging job market visibility and a solid job application more important than ever in pursuit of his dream job. Here are the experts' tips to graduates jobseekers.

Are you in the process of finishing her bachelor's thesis or master thesis in spring 2016, will probably turn to the Internet to find the best tips on how to write a good resume and job application. But even if one follows the templates to the letter, and have achieved good grades, it is not at all certain you end up with your dream job in today's pressured labor.

Increased unemployment and competition makes it increasingly important to be visible when applying for a job. In today's digital society has several chosen to adopt unconventional measures in job search process. How it is, and what is wise to think about, are questions graduates must decide on their way into the labor market.

Student Center has spoken with headhunter Trine Larsen and director Anne-Stine Talseth Adecco about the opportunities and pitfalls you should be aware that jobseeker in 2016.

The First Step Towards Your Dream Job
The First Step Towards Your Dream Job

Show off your personal qualities!

Many spend too much time on selecting the font and the picture that is used in the application, while could take the opportunity to showcase its commitment to the subject. Trine Larsen, headhunter Hammersmith & Hanborg recommend to show off and participate in discussions.

The attending breakfast meetings and be engaged is important to stand out. One can no longer believe that everything is about the best grade, application and CV. Networking does one also digital, but to meet people personally, are not old-fashioned.

To compete with other candidates, it is important to keep up to date. Larsen adds that this applies in particular to the communications industry, where jobs constantly changing, thanks to digitization and automation.

I'm concerned that they do more than memorize an A or taking a master. It has all! How can you stand out? What is important is that you take your own responsibility to update you, acquire new knowledge and find out how you can do it. How much responsibility do you take for your own development, you share your own expertise? I think one has to be much more aware of.

Your personal qualities and show examples recommends Larsen. It is not enough to say that one is creative and innovative without pointing out some specific examples. Think about the last time you were creative or learned something new. Conscious Make your abilities and what engages you by practicing on an elevator pitch.

Basic education is still important, but it is important that you constantly refilling with fresh knowledge.
It will increasingly be so education primarily supplies basic knowledge. Then one must acquire the skills industries requested when one starts in the workplace. Therefore, personal qualities like being curious, just to learn and develop, important in the world of work.

Less nontraditional with job search portals:

Anne-Stine Talseth, director of marketing and communications at Adecco, believes that most still writes traditional job applications. More and more employers are adopting portals or application systems to handle job applications, limiting the applicants' opportunities to be unconventional.

According to Adecco rule, the traditional applications are best. Talseth says an unconventional application as well be annoying as charming, and that it is a game of chance that depends on the job or industry applying within.

There is more headroom for non-traditional applications in the creative industries, because to show creativity is relevant to the job. Then your job application almost a working sample. But it should be thoughtful - you will illuminate something that is relevant to the job, such as personality or expertise. It may well be unconventional, but not unprofessional.

Because the locked application system Adecco has not Talseth seen as many non-traditional applications. But she has seen attempts at creative content.

In terms of content, I have seen much that is unconventional, ranging from applications to the rim to enclose a certificate from princess school, she says.

Talseth encourages students to meet employers' two requirements: That you can do the job, and that you will do the job. Ensure competence and motivation is evident.

Provide specific examples of properties you acquire. Avoid using the most worn adjectives or expressions, such as "flexible", "focus on", "result-oriented", "independent" or "self-propelled". A good rule of thumb is to avoid using adjectives where nobody would describe themselves as the opposite: solution - nobody's going to say they are problem-oriented?

Most people find it to get their first job after graduation is the most challenging. Working and study are different things, and many employers emphasize work experience, many graduates do not have. But here it will be huge variations from profession to profession and from student to student.
Wednesday, 16 March 2016
To Combine Full-Time Job And Studies

To Combine Full-Time Job And Studies

If you work in a full-time position is understandable that the idea of ​​combining work, and continuing may seem somewhat overwhelming. But there are some tricks to get it to work.

Many full-time employees will not be able to stop or take leave from their jobs for economic reasons. The solution is therefore to combine work and studies to the best of ability. The balancing continuing education with a full-time job is certainly not easy, but neither is it impossible.

Career Site has presented some sneaky tips that may be helpful to bring along:

Talk to your employer:

Many employers are happy to assist employees in carrying out education or courses that will provide professional growth. To take a degree in a field related to your current job, you can argue how it will be positive for both your career and your business. It is not unlikely that the employer would be willing to contribute financially and / or arrange for you to undertake this.

Remember to explain how to balance work and study without sacrificing productivity at work.

Do not take over their heads:

Make an informed overview of all economic, personality, job obligations you have. Pay attention to the points in section when considering the various study opportunities, and be consistent on that education should not compromise on any of these. If time and finances dictate that it keeps one course - so you should limit yourself to that.

This may extend the time you use to achieve what you want, but you will at least have enough time and attention to their studies while maintaining the quality of your work.

Find the right program for you:

As a working student should choose a program that fits your life. Many schools offer part-time studies or to meet once or twice a week or exclusively on Saturdays. Some schools also offer part-time programs in the evening.

Many full-time staff concludes that online study or distance learning (with or without individual-shows) is the best solution for them.

To Combine Full-Time Job And Studies
To Combine Full-Time Job And Studies

Create a schedule:

When to combine full-time job and school, a well-organized schedule be the difference between a busy life and an impossible life. Set aside specific times during the week to study, and be sure to use them only on studies. If you choose to study from home, you should share your schedule with people you live with, so they know when not to be disturbed.

Also make it a habit to do schoolwork in advance of any deadlines, and not the day before- or same day it will be delivered. It is essential to eliminate stress, and is important not to get bored of all the studies.

Make time for yourself:

Studying while working full-time is a daunting task that can be both overwhelming and frustrating. To maintain a certain emotional and mental well-being, you should also reserve time for yourself during the week. It can be anything from reading anything other than curriculum, to indulge in a trip to the cinema or a round at the gym.
Tuesday, 15 March 2016
The Path To A Good Career

The Path To A Good Career

To succeed with career goals is important to identify their abilities and make a plan of what it takes to increase your chances for success in the workplace.

Not everyone can become a CEO or a professional footballer, but it is important to be aware of what kind of person you are and exploit your advantage, says career expert Mette Manus to Your Money.

An important step on the road to success in the workplace is to increase self-awareness, knowing what one wants and what one can. One must know oneself and what resources you have, explains Manus.

To Succeed In Business:

Making career, acting in my eyes not to be CEO. It's about to get on the right shelf. If you're happy with what you do and get to a place where you get used yourself, then comes the career of themselves, argues Mette Manus, who is the founder and career coach in Manus Motivation.

If you have a manager in the stomach, she recommends to present it as early as possible.
It is advisable to engage in student activities. When you show initiative, responsibility and commitment. I think it is better to be engaged and rather to lose a couple of characters, than just having top grades, she says to Your Money.

The Path To A Good Career
The Path To A Good Career

She explains that one of the most important an education is that it demonstrates that it has an ability to learn, but also because it provides the confidence needed to move up in their career. But according to Manus it is really in the workplace learning.

Are You A Manager Type?

It helps little to have good qualities that you no place, and simultaneously so it is not enough to have big goals for the ambitions far exceed the abilities and skills, says
Helene Tronstad Moe, who is an associate professor at the School of Marketing and Technical Manager at Adecco Search & Select.

For Your Money mentions Tronstad Moe three qualities one should have to become a leader:

Emotionally stable and robust. This makes it easier to cope with stress and deal with unpleasant or confusing situations.

Compassionate and / or co-operative. Leaders who trust their employees and gives the self achieves happy that employees are more committed to the job and adds an extra effort when needed. This stands in contrast to leaders who primarily focuses on a leadership style characterized by control and rigid micromanagement.

Preference for order and structure. This means in practice that the leader does she or he have said they will do. That plans are implemented in practice and followed up and that tasks are performed despite the fact that the manager seems they are "boring".

She says it also pays to be on a little extra if you want to be promoted in the workplace.

It's hard to be the best at everything, so prioritize what is most important for you to work a little overtime to complete a task, make the brand in Birken, creating the most impressive cupcakes to school closings or doing homework with the kids. As a woman you should probably look for an equal partner, says Tronstad Moe.
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