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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Debate On The IQ Test In The Job Interview

Helps IQ tests to a professionalization of recruitment processes?

After Dagens Noam (DN) in an article wrote about the international company Jotun use of IQ tests to screen out candidates for employment, the debate raged around the topic.

According to CEO of HR in Jotun, Merete Aspaas, is in fact not the traditional job interview enough to get an idea of ​​the job seeker's capabilities.

To ask a candidate if their skills are not good enough. Many of those we hire are professionals and know what to answer. A test gives us a proof, says Aspaas to DN.

She stressed, however, that the tests are not used in all hiring processes and managers recruited internally, as most leaders do in Jotun, escaping because they have already shown what they are capable of.

A Risky Sport:

Reactions have not been long in coming. One of they come from Tore Viggo Sørensen member organization HR Norway. He looks at employment as a risk sport, which should not be influenced by such tests.

Selecting and hiring people is a risky sport and one should limit the use of tests, says Sorensen told DN.

A test measuring tiny bit of what that man consists in, and there is a lot you do not get hold of. We encourage our members to use such tests wisely if they are needed - and only as an additional supplement to other methods in the hiring process says Sorensen.

Debate On The IQ Test In The Job Interview
Debate On The IQ Test In The Job Interview

Aspaas argument reasons in figures from research world, which she believes has helped to professionalize the recruitment processes in the international company.

We lean us on research showing that this is the best way to predict future performance, says Aspaas, who has seen the tests are difficult "to deceive."

We have made countless ability tests. Inflated CVs will soon see through, she says.

Let People Try:

Sorensen believes such tests ignore the person's social skills.

Among other things, the test completely ignore that this man will be working in an environment with other people. We know that people are complementary and that this is an important factor when hiring a new employee, says Sorensen in the interview.

For he is therefore the solution to allow the candidates to try their hand in the job to show their skills as processed.

Job Simulation is the by far the best method. Let people try their hand in the job they actually set, so you can see if he is good enough, says Sorensen.


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