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Friday, 15 January 2016

Bad Sign For The Job Interview

If you recognize these bad signs for a job interview, you might want to move on and look for other opportunities.

You've been on a job interview and have come on to the second and third round. Everything has gone very well, and it only remains to wait for feedback. It runs one week, two weeks and despite that you follow up with a phone, there is still no answer.

How do we deal with this situation? When to realize that one does not have the job?
Marie Burns is recruiting manager at the American web marketing company In a blog post for the website The Daily Muse she shares her experiences in which she summarizes the signs of either should look further for other jobs.

They move constantly interviewing Agreement:

If one or maybe two interviews are moved through an entire interview process, so is not very unusual. But if they ever need to change agreements with vague excuses can be a red flag. It can signal that to fill the position is not so important for the company. There may also be an indication that they have no respect for your time, which is anyway not good.

They do not know when they will make a decision:

If no one can tell you when to start the job, this questionable behavior. If the position is important, and they are looking to fill it soon, someone will tell you about the timeline for the hiring decision and start date during the interview process. If they do not, or dodges the question when you ask, it is definitely an indication that there is no urgency from their side. 

Full stop:

You will be prompted to ask for an interview immediately, and then you will be called for a second round within the next few days. If the process then stops altogether, what to think then? It could mean that the company interviews other candidates, that you do not meet all the requirements, or that they are searching for a "better". This is anyway not a good sign.

Bad Sign For The Job Interview
Bad Sign For The Job Interview

They did not call at the agreed time:

If the recruiter does not contact you at the agreed time, it shows a lack of respect for you and your time. If they really want you to position, they will make sure to keep in touch as agreed, or at least send an email and speak out about any delays.

You do not hear back within a week:

If it's been over a week without you heard something, it does not mean as much. People may after all be concerned. But if you have followed up with an email or phone call and it does not, it is most likely a sign that it's time to move on.


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