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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Additional Job Makes You Attractive In The Workplace

Students who have worked alongside their studies are more attractive than others when they enter the working world.

Additional work alongside their studies, it will be the highest valued in the hiring process. Working Experience shows that it is an ambitious person with willingness and interest to something more beyond trials employer you are dealing with. Such candidates have the most to gain in the labor market, writes Webfinanser, reproducing parts of the survey conducted by Thomson Facts.

The survey also shows that 15 percent of HR experts ranks language skills highly. Seven percent say studies abroad and participation in union life is important. Social competence and personality also scores well.

It is important for employers to see that the candidate has no more expertise and experience beyond their studies, and that one is able to keep several balls in the air simultaneously. It can be crucial that a person has work experience, says Annica, HR-editor of Thomson facts, to Webfinanser.

Relevant work experience in combination with studies, according to Andreas Wettre The Performance Group give you an advantage in the competition for good jobs after completing his studies.

Additional Job Makes You Attractive In The Workplace
Additional Job Makes You Attractive In The Workplace

Extra Fancy does not affect their studies.
There is little correlation between how much you earn during my studies and study progress, writes Universitas.

Those who earn more than the income limit has approximately the same progression as those who earn less, says researcher Vibeke Opheim by NIFU to the student newspaper. NIFU behind the new report based on figures from the Tax Register and Loan Fund.


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