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Thursday, 21 January 2016

9 Things You Must Not Do The Job Interview

If you notice that the job interview ends after 15 minutes, you may have been in one of these traps. When you arrive at a job interview will Riiser that you prepare well and do not do any of these things:

1. Getting too late and show up unprepared:

The first and biggest mistake you can make in a job interview is to be late. Are you far away and see that time is short, call or send a message to them to interview with. Sorry you're late and tell them when you expect to be present.

2. Dress inappropriate:

I have experienced examples where girls come for a job interview with extreme decolletage. You will not be academic if you dress inappropriately. Be clean and neat, tells Riiser.
Should you be unsure outfit for a job interview, advises Riiser you to take a tour of the workplace. Stand outside office building to see what people who come out wearing. In this way you get a small indication of how they dress. It's not okay to come in shorts if all goes to suit, says Riiser.

3. Lie:

People who lie and brag about themselves, there is no people who love. Lie is discovered before or since. Not trappings of your resume and not the trappings of what you tell in the interview.

4. Do not turn off your mobile phone:

To answer a mobile phone call in the middle of an interview is unfavorable. A tip is not to just put your mobile on silent, but to turn off the vibration as well.

9 Things You Must Not Do The Job Interview
9 Things You Must Not Do The Job Interview

It's annoying to hear a mobile vibrate in your bag. Those interviews and will fight stress as they try to turn off cell phones, impress employers, says Riiser.

5. Speak constantly to avoid unpleasant questions:

If you think it's advantageous to talk much on a job interview, you're wrong. Those who will be interviewing you have a plan they are going through. If you use the time to converse with almost uninterrupted to avoid unpleasant questions, sitting employer left with very little idea of ​​you as a person. You will not be considered on an equal footing with the others. It is allowed to breathe and think before you give an answer.

6. Answer all questions with yes or no answers:

Can an employer only yes or no answers without elaboration or examples of what you've done, they know little about who you are when interview is over. It is your responsibility to give good examples of things you've done before so that those who want to hire you know more when the interview is finished.

7. Do not listen to the questions, but concentrate on what to say about yourself:

Sitting man and memorize it one should say though, one gets not what you asked about. Turn off the brain activity and listen to what you are asked, and then turn on again. Listen.

8. Speak ill of colleagues and former bosses:

Do this, sitting employer with a suspicion that this could happen again, and that there may be those you the necks next time you are in an interview. You are allowed to be dissatisfied with previous employers, but not talking about it for a job interview.

9. Bring Mom or Dad interview:

It matters extremely negatively if mom or dad is with you for a job interview, even if they are just sitting outside and waiting. Should parents take you for an interview, ask them to sit in the car or ask them to do something else in the meantime.

Riiser have actually experienced the interview candidates have included parents for a job interview.
We have experienced that parents sitting outside and waiting. They sit outside and read the newspaper, trying to look important out and says that they are only included to make sure that you are driven to and from said Riiser.


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