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Thursday, 31 December 2015
Interview Toughest Questions

Interview Toughest Questions

Questions to describe your own weaknesses is a regular at the job interview. With a little preparation it can be turned to your own advantage.

Before a job interview you've probably prepared yourself well, and developed your most presentable outfit. But have you prepared yourself for the most difficult question: "What are your weaknesses?" You can believe what you want about the issue, but you know it is coming, and what answers can be crucial.

For those who recruit, it is important to find out if you are right for the job or not, and your weaknesses says as much about you as the strong.

For me it's more about how the person responds to the question, than the negative characteristics he or she takes up. Personal appears to be genuine and honest, leader in the Coach House.

"I have no weaknesses"

The worst thing you can answer is that you have no weaknesses. It is not credible, and show that you either hiding something or that you do not have self-awareness. Equally bad is it, however, to suggest properties that are not really weaknesses.

Instead of hiding the own weaknesses, it is better to tell how you are working to develop. All have areas we prefer to improve and there is nothing to hide. Can you explain what you want to get better at, showing you that you are mature and reflective.

"I work too much"

Do not mention a weakness that is not relevant for the job. Should you find a job as IT consultant, it does not matter that you're badly to turn up IKEA furniture. Also avoid simple answers such as "I work too hard," "I get too involved," or "I'm a perfectionist." Take rather the opportunity to show that you have the ability to learn from your own mistakes.

Interview Toughest Questions
Interview Toughest Questions

So what should you respond?

Here are 8 tips from best career advisor

  1. Find a flaw that can be linked to job to do, and explain what you have done to improve.
  2. Rephrase the question to areas you think you can develop on.
  3. When you mention a weakness, it is important to give examples of situations in the workplace where you have encountered problems because of this. Then explain how you work to get better, and how far you have come. Show that you make an effort to improve your weaknesses.
  4. Talk to people who know about the weaknesses you have at work.
  5. Customizing you after business culture of the company you are applying at. If you answer that you are quickly tired of routines, it can fit nicely into a new business, but perhaps not as well in a larger and established.
  6. Keep track of body language during the interview: Breathe normally and hold eye contact. Think about it, but do you use for a long time before answering, you have already shown a weakness.
  7. Do not go to extremes in an attempt to be overly honest. A job interview is not the best place to confess your worst sins. Prepare an honest, relevant and constructive response.
  8. Practice for yourself, in front of friends or in front of the camera.
To Prevent Interview Pitfalls

To Prevent Interview Pitfalls

Here are experts' tips on what not to say and do.

Many are nervous during a job interview, it is quite common, and the prospective employer usually have understanding for it. However, it is worse if nervousness causes chatting away about both the one and the other. First impressions mean everything during a job interview, and you do not have much time to make it right, if you've started to burn bridges.

I would not opened the interview by talking about the salary. Do not start with mass claims, they take control without even being passive, telling career guidance in Manus Motivation Group, Mette Manus, the Student Centre.

Do not go into the private affairs:

It can also be devastating if you enter matters of a private nature, this is not your potential employer interested in.

There's something about this being personal but not private. Do not talk about private things, such as entering in your private feelings. Reply to what they ask about, be honest and open, but do not go into details, continuing career mentor.

Do not be unprepared:

To come unprepared for a job interview, nor is it something Manus recommend.

Make sure you understand the business, and did not come with questions like: "What are you doing?". Prepare also some questions that show interest, that you are prepared and curious, says Manus further.

If you really really want at work as you are interviewing for, this will also be felt well.

You must have a mind at work, be assertive and motivated. If it stands between you and another, which is just as good, it is the one that seems most motivated for the job, who's going to get it.

Stay away from cliché goods:

A standard question in an interview situation is whether you can list your strengths and weaknesses. Many are afraid that weaknesses can be perceived negatively and runs on with phrases like: "I am a hard worker and is too poor to say no." Such answers will not impress the interviewing you.

To Prevent Interview Pitfalls
To Prevent Interview Pitfalls

Avoid cliches. Talk nor about things you've done wrong, wrong or lack of education, advises Manus.

If you are asked if you briefly tell about yourself, this is a nice chance to bring out aspects of yourself that are not necessarily all about job performance.

If you get five minutes to present yourself as a person, it
not wise to go straight on job performance, this emerges gradually. Tell us about your hobbies. Like parachute, tell about it, backpacked you around the world as youth or working at an orphanage in Nepal, talking about it. It is also important that the prospective employer gets the impression that you are a fun person to be with.

Not really desperate:

Magnus points out that it is important for you as interviewee to not seem desperate for jobs.

Think of yourself as a brand to sell into. Suppose you make the employer a favor by working there and that they are the ones who are lucky to get you.

Do not talk disparagingly of ex-boss:

Career Coaching and Managing Director of Smart career, 
have good experience with giving people Career, she also has some great tips on how not to behave in an interview.

Do not say anything negative about your former employer. One should not signal that you want to escape from something but to something. It's about real motivated and enthused in relation to the job you interviewed for .

Avoid digressions:

That conversation can suddenly run wild until you suddenly can not remember what one really talked about, is also a pitfall.

One should be very conscious of responding to what is being asked. Do not go off on associative stories and digressions. And here, I know that one sinned much, but it shows that you are not focused, she continues.

A limp handshake, would also be detrimental for first impression.

To greet each other, the first one does, one should not have a limp handshake. It goes back at work and motivation to work. Show foroverlenthet and you want something, a limp handshake shows the opposite.

Not having limp body language:

She also warns against having a limp body language.

Do not sit leaning back with a stooped posture, have neither eyes fixed down at the table, this shows insecurity.

This is not to say or do during the interview:

✔ Greet with a limp handshake

✔ Chatting about wages and demands

✔ Talk about things of a personal nature

✔ Getting unprepared for the interview

✔ Talk about things you've done wrong or wrong

✔ Chatting about your lack of education

✔ Do not show that you do not really want at work

✔ Answer questions by dragging start digressions or tell long stories

✔ Respond with clichés (especially questions about strengths and weaknesses)

✔ Not gazing down at the table, this shows that you are insecure
Sunday, 27 December 2015
Questions To Ask During The Interview

Questions To Ask During The Interview

Most are perhaps accustomed only to answer questions during a job interview. But you can have as much to gain by asking some yourself.

When thinking about a job interview situation will often associate it with being asked a lot of questions, and that one must respond as well and conscientious as possible.

This is of course an essential part of the interview process, but you can have as much to gain by asking the right questions back.

It is not necessarily so important to ask questions because you want answers to them, the idea is, however, that by asking the right questions you say something about how you think about your own role as a future employee, your goals with confidence, you can view forward relevant knowledge and you can display that you are a person who is reflective, thorough and investigative.

Here are five questions website recommend setting during the job interview:

Which objectives would you like me to achieve during the first two to three months?

Show that you are a candidate who wants to jump right in. By asking about goals to be achieved within a relatively short time shows that you are prepared to work hard from day one, and that you are ready for a challenge.

What are your best employees have done or have properties that make them successful in the job?

Every business is different, and therefore also the criteria for success will be different. Maybe it takes a lot of creativity, focus on working methods, efforts towards new clients rather than long-term customers, or perhaps one must be prepared to work a lot of overtime.

Questions To Ask During The Interview
Questions To Ask During The Interview

This can be very useful information, while employers see that you have ambition and you think long term on how to be as good or better than the other employees.

What role will I have in the company to achieve its goals?

All employees are investments, and all staff should do more than what they represent as an expense for the company. By asking about their role shows that you are prepared to be a team player and that you see the importance that all the different parts of a business must work for the end result of enterprise should be good.
You also show a realistic attitude to be employed, and that you are aware that you are going to take your share of the load.

How are the other employees, and they are something together in their spare time?

It is worth noting that this may be a difficult question for the employer in the case of a large company. The aim of the question is, first, to determine if it may be a type of people you will enjoy working with, but also that you will show that you care about a good working environment and will help to contribute to a positive community.

How do you plan to cope with ...?

Every business will eventually face challenges. This may be technological changes, new competitors on the market, changes in the economy and so on.

By asking this question shows that you have a good understanding of the industry, that you care about the future prospects of the business, and that you are a solution-oriented and visionary person. These are qualities any employer will notice.
How Will You Master Group Interview

How Will You Master Group Interview

Many think probably that group interview may seem daunting, but it can also have its advantages, says career coach.

There are enough especially industries that require teamwork using group interviews. I do not know how common it is, and feel that it was popular for a while ago, so it has been a bit up and down, telling Odd- Petter Filling, General Manager To be academy, a company that operates with career guidance and coaching.

Group Interview is a great way for employers to find out what role the individual takes in the group.

Primarily used it to see how people work together, solving puzzles as a team and to find out what type of person the different candidates. Are you are introverted or extroverted, and whether one takes the lead and control of the group, he continued.

Be humble and receptive:

Even if you want to show that you are a person who is shoot ahead, it is also important to show that you have a humble side and you have the ability to retire.

There is an opportunity to show themselves in a cooperative situation. One should be aware of the role you want to have. This is a great venue to show that you enjoy working in teams. Equally important to show that you are proactive enough, it is also important to be able to retire to be receptive and humble, continuing career mentor.

Feels positive:

Although this may seem like an intimidating manner to be interviewed on, think career mentor that the group interviews may have its advantages.

Most people find it is actually positive. There are several that will present themselves, it is not so that only you are asked about things. Everyone gets questions and you get time to think about. This is a situation that causes people to lower your shoulders. While listening to the other, you can even get ideas for what to answer.

How Will You Master Group Interview
How Will You Master Group Interview

How should one prepare for this?

One should prepare to show the personality you want to perform with. If you really are introspective, yet are creative with good ideas can quickly become invisible. But it is also common to follow up with a one-to one interview afterwards.

Below we have listed some tips for how career since wetfeet think one should behave in group interview:

1. Determine how many you will encounter:

Some days in advance you should ask the contact person in the organization how many people you can expect to encounter during the interview, and how long you can see for yourself that you'll be there. The issue pays particular if the answer turns out that it's going to be a group interview, so you can prepare yourself for this, if this information is not given in advance. However, it is common that the prospective employer informs whether it is a group or a one-to-one interview you on.

2. Getting to know the other candidates:

If you come to interview location early, you can arrange to teach the others to be at the interview with you to know. Although they are your competition, do no harm to find out who they are and how they are.

3. Prat:

Those interviews you will probably open for discussion among certain topics. It is important to be an active shared aft here. They arrange the interview might want to look at how to influence people in the group, look at the way you communicate, if you listen to the others in the group and observe if you're able to make rational decisions.

4. Get buy:

It can be as simple as contacting your someone who has not talked during the interview and request teres thoughts on the subject being recorded. That you are interested in several people's opinions, is a property interviewer will respect.

5. Be a leader:

A common way to test the candidate's interpersonal skills, is by dividing the candidates into groups and assign each group member a task. Those taking the lead in such exercises, are often those who were going out.

6. Keep your cool:

If any dispute arises under interview, it is important to maintain a low voice, not to be too emotional, and if you can not agree, take a dirt back.

7. Dann alliances;

Although the other candidates are your competitors, they still share your career interests, in addition to that they probably have valuable contacts. A group interview should not be an event where you attach to your network, but if you get good chemistry with one of the others who are also in the interview, there is nothing wrong to ask about contact afterwards.
Typical Signs That You've Had Enough Of The Job

Typical Signs That You've Had Enough Of The Job

How to proceed when the job can no longer offer what you want.

Job satisfaction is minimal and uninteresting tasks. This is according to career develops in To Be Academy, Odd Filling, the first and clearest signs that you feel uncomfortable at work, and should find something else.

It could also be that you lose interest in the business or its products or services, says Replenishment to OBI Online.

Another typical factor may be so-called environmental and personal conflicts.

They steal energy, and if they are not soluble in the long term, you may want to move on, think Filling.

He has consulted many who feel that they do not get used themselves properly.

They do not get used talent, abilities and skills. It's okay to be tired when you go from work, but you will be tired in a good way. Do you notice fatigue in relation to stress, frustration, lack of use of abilities and talent, you may want to look for something new, encourages career developer.

Another typical pattern is poor management, meaning that one is not seen and followed up appropriately. Some are also uncertain about how they will use themselves and their expertise, says Filling.

Typical Signs That You've Had Enough Of The Job
Typical Signs That You've Had Enough Of The Job

What do you want?

The first step in the right direction, is figuring out what you want and why you want it.

It may sound fine, but it is not necessarily easy, says Filling, referring to the following points need to rethink:

  • What has worked well in the current job and what worked less well in the current job.
  • What have you mastered well and mastered less well in this job and earlier.
  • Which tasks has given energy and which has possibly stolen energy.
  • What should be your guiding values ​​in relation to the job? Identify your interests, your skills and your values.

 Find out how you will use your skills further, what you want to emphasize, what to focus on and what might be toned down, even if you are highly skilled at it.

Learn how to develop further, both as a person but also as regards competence.

When you say up?

Find a new job first, otherwise it can become stressful. It may take time to find your dream job, says Filling.

Nor is it certain that dream job will be advertised and thus it can according to career developer pays to send in a so-called spontaneous application.

See what's advertised positions, but also use open applications and networks in general.

How denounce?

The job is in the box and you will now convey your departure.

Tell your manager what happened and why you want to forward. It need not necessarily be something wrong with the position, but you may have grown out of it, says Filling.

If you want to give feedback, it's nice to have for a leader.

Remember that you may be using one from the firm as a reference, so be tidy. Get to experience that you want the best for the company, even if you now need to progress, exit Replenishment to OBI Online.
Saturday, 26 December 2015
Insurance Advisor And Adjusters Jobs In 2016

Insurance Advisor And Adjusters Jobs In 2016

The training Insurance Advisors / loss adjuster has long been established and one of the most important courses for those wishing to pursue a career in insurance.

The program is characterized by:

  1.     The most comprehensive education
  2.     Integrated internships in leading companies in the insurance industry
  3.     Meets Financial Supervisory theoretical requirements in order to become mediators

FEI collaborate with InsureSec and in education there is the possibility for a fee do InsureSecs license test as proof that the training produces skilled and competent intermediary.

Insurance Advisor And Adjusters In 2016
Insurance Advisor And Adjusters In 2016

What is an Insurance Advisor / loss adjuster?

An insurance advisor is working to provide private or business advice regarding various insurance and claims adjusters dealing with different injuries that the insured suffered. In Sweden there are more than 450 insurance companies, over 1000 conveys companies and about 20 000 employees.

Short on education

Insurance Advisor / loss adjuster is a Polytechnic (Polytechnic), organized in collaboration with the insurance industry and on behalf of the National Agency for Higher Vocational Education. You study full-time for two years and receive a Qualified Polytechnic.

In each course, we have an average of scheduled lectures two whole days / week. Other times, you work on projects, group work and individual studies.

During Learning at work (LIA), follow workplace hours. Lecturers and teachers involved in the program are people related to the professional field.
Friday, 25 December 2015
Accelerate Your Career! With Best New Year Tips

Accelerate Your Career! With Best New Year Tips

Are you at ease? Do you feel that you are not going on, that your career development has stalled? You get used expertise and your potential or you have little energy and motivation? Have you ended up in the category "reasonably satisfied" that goes okay? Maybe it's time to focus ahead on what actually provides career development and job satisfaction, time to change the 'okay' to 'great'.

Where has the working my joy, developments and challenges mine, what gives purpose and meaning? What has happened, what do I do now? It is easy that career goes on autopilot. The years pass until something suddenly happens, something that makes you awakened to thinking about how you really have it in relation to job and career. Often the reflections on job satisfaction when one is fit stressed or tired. In my job I meet often statements like "it was just so", when I ask questions about why they "took hold" of his career earlier. There may be external factors or coincidences that make you choose what you do. Nor is it always easy to ask themselves the right questions, ones that provide valuable choices and development.

What is most important to you: Jobs and career, or what you do outside of work? Do you focus on career and strive to adapt their lives to the job? Or do you focus on what life you want to live and get jobs and careers to fit into it? Think about it before you read on, what is important to you, work or "the others"?

Should we choose our career by head or heart? "Yes please, both" is a fine answer. The tendency is often too many to choose head ruled early in his career, then select more balanced later. What costs career us? How much must sacrifice other parts of their lives? What is most important in the stage I'm in now? These are questions that may be helpful to imagine.

Identify your satisfaction - take the test!

We often need help to put things in perspective, to get new ideas. We think that we have done, we get what we've got. Thus, new approaches may be helpful. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you feel that your company and your job gives you meaning, and how important this job is really for you?
  • You get used your talents, and made it to cope and thrive with?
  • Think back to the jobs or the work you had. What do you have mastered the best and most successful in?
  • What have you enjoyed at least with or succeed with the poorest?
  • Think about your specific tasks. Make a list of 6-8 points with what you spend the most time and think about how satisfied you are with the individual points. Please use a scale of 1-10, where 10 is a home run in relation to the satisfaction of the point, and 1 is completely dissatisfied. Then you quickly an overview of how satisfied you are with what you spend the most time on average.
  • Blink out the 3 tasks that give you the most energy and joy today.
  • Take the list with 6.8 points and go through each item. Think about whether you would use more or less time on certain tasks, if it were possible.
  • Do you have time and resources to carry out what you think is important? Stretches to?
  • How satisfied are you with your immediate supervisor, colleagues and the environment?
  • Is there a culture of mutual benefit, you developed yourself, and you get the feedback you need?

Would you be happier in a new job, or are you going to invest where you are?

Many who come to me for career guidance has made ​​exercise with changing jobs, but continue with the same duties, some several times. However, they are not satisfied, and then it's time to take a proper grip on his career and evaluate tasks and what you spend the most time.

Learn to evaluate yourself and the organization you are, and learn how you can see that you have come as far as possible in one place. Will a job change for you to be a step up the career ladder, or will it prove to be a step to the side? Would a change in career make any difference in how you feel?

What you lack in current job - what is your ambition?

Why go to work? In Norway, we are in a unique situation in the world scale, we do not actually work, the state takes care of us! So when I ask the question to the people I coach, who have enough money, I get roughly the same answers: Get "used up", using talents, mate interests, be part of something, deliver something to the community. So we will have something that gives us meaning, so that when we come home after a working day shall it feels good!

6 points to get up to speed:

  1. Be aware of your expertise, skills and personality.
  2. Be aware of your will and your motivation for change.
  3. Find your values, what you want to steer by.
  4. Be aware of your goals and desires for jobs and careers over the next 3 to 10 years.
  5. Find career opportunities in today's job market, focus and communicate your specific expertise.
  6. Remove obstacles that hold you again. Why have not already set up to speed, what keeps you again, what are you afraid of, and what is the worst that can happen?

Find your qualities and your key qualifications, your uniqueness! What better than to become conscious of who we are, what we can and how we want to use ourselves in the best possible way?
Wednesday, 17 June 2015
How To Choose A Job For Students Without Work Experience?

How To Choose A Job For Students Without Work Experience?

So you need to find jobs for students without work experience? In our time, a large number of vacancies is replete with pages of newspapers, magazines and Internet sites. At what positions stay? How not to be trapped?

Service Industry:

Job waiter is most prevalent among young people. However, no work experience in the service industry, you will need to undergo training for a week and memorize the menu. As a rule, individual work schedule agreed with the management. Students often prefer to work in the afternoon. One of the benefits of this work are a generous tip.

Work bartender is more suitable for boys. However, working in a bar, you can be faced with many temptations. Many can be difficult to deny yourself a drink or two in some exotic alcoholic beverage or tequila. True, this work brings money good.

For the service sector can also be attributed profession employee fast food, hostess at the casino or a restaurant, and so on.

Trading scope:

Job shop assistant in the stores is not dusty. For it, you must have "suspended" language and some knowledge of the goods sold. In this area, worked as a salesman for mobile phones, home appliances, auto consultants and other employees.

How To Choose A Job For Students Without Work Experience?
How To Choose A Job For Students Without Work Experience?

Advertising Manager - sounding name profession implies the ability to communicate, find common language with different people need a lot of talking on the phone with various people. This employee must be able to persuade, to convince customers to make their choice in favor of the purchase of any promotional items, and for that he should own oratory.

Work for students (part-time) includes the following activities:

  1. Courier correspondence - must have a ticket or bicycle. This work is not well paid, however, and does not require any skills of the worker, in addition to a good knowledge of the city.
  2. Promoter - the most frequent work for students who study full-time. Many large companies need the services of promoters, whose task is to conduct some surveys or distributing leaflets.
  3. Sticker advertisements, mostly related to seasonal work. Wages have social research interviewing, usually low, but the job requires skill and takes little time.

There are other professions that can choose the student with no experience. The choice is big enough. In this article, we have given only the basic work. In any case, the youth is always able to find a job, and if you want to earn money.
Work For Students Architects

Work For Students Architects

Specialists are of the opinion that the work of the architect is more responsible than the work of a doctor, because the doctor can hide their medical error, and the architect - not, as they see it all a mistake many years.

Work for architecture students is difficult to find. At the present time a mandatory requirement for architects - a knowledge of the software programs that allow you to create three-dimensional designs of building objects (programs AutoCAD, 3D Studio MAX, Arcon and ArchiCAD. It is important to note that most of the students who receive architectural education, well know as the usual program to work with two-dimensional graphics (PhotoShop, CorelDraw, etc.).

Work for students can provide not only a decent income, but also a quality experience and skills, learn to cooperate in a team, help overcome the language barrier (if we talk about work for students abroad).

Architects practices, along with the design and supervise the conduct of finishing and construction. In addition, the architect must be able to choose the right building and finishing materials, equipment, furniture, carry out the calculation of work, to make estimates.

Work For Students Architects
Work For Students Architects

There are several levels of design in architecture - architectural design at the level of the quarter, a separate building and rooms. Of course, the architect of most of design projects of interiors and facades. For the design and preparation of competent design project is necessary to possess a good command of color, perspective and composition basics, basics of modeling in volume. 

In addition, often the architect carries out orders to redevelop the buildings and rooms. Architects can work not only yourself, but also in the team - a construction company , and as part of the specialized companies that develop construction and architectural projects.
Work For Students Abroad

Work For Students Abroad

In this article, we will focus on employment for students abroad in their specialty, as a trainee or a skilled worker. Work for students abroad - today it is a very real chance to find decent paying job at a prestigious foreign companies .

Work for students abroad - not fiction, but a real reality. Students who want to start their climb up the corporate ladder away from home, always will find a job abroad. It is only important to put this in front of the goal and move aggressively to it without departing from the intended path.

The job search for students for employment abroad can help different sites on employment, which is available useful information on the subject and consult experts in this area.

Work or internship abroad has many advantages for the student. For example, the introduction to the fascinating world of getting a unique professional experience, live communication with foreigners taking over their life experiences. Work abroad will expand their horizons, to meet the human and professional curiosity, will find new friends abroad. Experience in the Company increases the value of overseas track record of the employee.

Work For Students Abroad
Work For Students Abroad

In any case, while working abroad will never be wasted time. And if our parents did not have the opportunity to work abroad, in present-day children available. Young specialists, graduates of universities of the 21st century can only envy, because they need only want their desire internship and work abroad successfully implemented. And it would certainly be the beginning of the rich and successful life.
5 Of Unnecessary Items For Resume

5 Of Unnecessary Items For Resume

What mistakes to avoid when you send a resume? They can, of course, dozens, but experts are among the most serious are five. Age - HR managers want to find out your level of skill, not age. Also not recommended to call the experience more than 15 years. Incidentally, the principle of age discrimination will work in both directions. 

It can not be considered successful and a summary telling you that you are too young to qualify for this position. A formal list of positions and tasks that do not give an idea of ​​the results achieved by the applicant, or achievements. Since the positions themselves, in which you previously consisted still do not talk about what you have achieved them. First of all, the results - that for hiring managers is important. 

The mention of something negative - in the summary for that should not be places so as a summary is an advertising instrument in a positive light. The enumeration in your state is not absolutely all jobs, but only those that belong to the same branch, where you intend to work. Although the employer is your track record will not be happy. 

5 Of Unnecessary Items For Resume
5 Of Unnecessary Items For Resume

Therefore, if you specify the extra workspace, then you have to talk about the achievements associated with it so that they were related to the new position. Personal information - usually employers are not interested in, say, your marital status, skin color, or hobbies unless they are not critical for a particular job. And the creation and distribution of the resume - a "search phase", so here the employer does not need the personal data of the applicant, except for the name, the city in which you live, and contact information. If you and take over the job, the HR department will collect all necessary then personal data.
Optimization Summary: 10 Rules An Effective Resume

Optimization Summary: 10 Rules An Effective Resume

An effective resume is often enough to get rid of too much information, but there are also other important moments.

1. It must correspond to the specialty in which you want to place at the moment. For example, it is not necessary to focus on your work network administrator if you are looking for a job, for example, in sales. Enter first your last position for the chosen date field.

2. The list of such personal qualities as "responsible", "purposeful", "punctual," the employer is not taken seriously. This part of the summary list of your best efforts or you press publications, or other personal achievements, the employer can learn.

3. Specify your skills and mastery of foreign languages. For example, "English - speaking with knowledge of business correspondence" or "German - conversational, but with the dictionary," not evasive "German - medium". This will show your professionalism and save both time and a recruiter if deliberately do not come on this parameter.

4. The summary should match the desired position. If you can work the system administrator and programmer, and you do the same for some of these special work, it is best not to write the title "programmer, system administrator," and create two separate summary.

5. Summary should contain keywords, which it will be easy to find. For example, "the programmer 1C", "food", "sale" stuff.

Optimization Summary: 10 Rules An Effective Resume
Optimization Summary: 10 Rules An Effective Resume

6. Describe the professional achievements with the help of compelling facts and figures. How much (percentage) you were able to increase sales? How many successful projects you have completed? These figures will allow you to stand out favorably among other applicants.

7. When sending your CV to the employer directly, do not use those formats, of which there are viewing require additional software. Keep in the usual format DOC your resume - such documents can be viewed without any problems in both new and old versions of Word.

8. If you do decide to attach to resume photo , then carefully attributed to its choice. Home photos , pictures from holidays or, for example, New Year corporate leave better in a personal archive.

9. HR Manager with a large number of resumes are more likely to consider carefully well-structured CV. And divide it into semantic parts - it should be informative, but at the same time and brief.

10. Always check for errors and inaccuracies your resume. Make sure that the resume is logical, it is easy to read and, more importantly, can answer the question of why the candidate is suitable for this job?
Tuesday, 9 June 2015
What Is A Distant Work For A Lawyer?

What Is A Distant Work For A Lawyer?

We know that the legal profession in our time is one of the most popular off-trades. Thousands of former high school graduates enter the domestic institutions of higher learning in order to get an education lawyer. However, many experts ready to work are not able to find work in the normal conventional off-line offices. In this case, many have no choice but to go into a different field of activity, where it is easier to get a job.

Nowadays lawyers there is a new opportunity for employment - a distant work on the Internet. After all, "bezrybe cancer and fish," the more so in our time work as a lawyer on a remote basis can be a good part-time job for young lawyers who are just starting to gain experience in the field of jurisprudence.

You can select the following positions on the remote job Lawyer:

  • Remote legal counsel;
  • Remote secretary lawyer;
  • Remote editor of legal subjects.

The truth is you need to be emphasized that not every lawyer is able to find himself telework as a potential expert should have the following minimum knowledge and skills:
  1. Have sufficient work experience and some work experience in the field of law;
  2. Have a diploma of higher education with the resultant higher legal education;
  3. Possession of computer skills at least at the level of the user;
  4. Possession of knowledge of basic office programs and the ability to use them.

What Is A Distant Work For A Lawyer?
What Is A Distant Work For A Lawyer?

Where can I find a remote work for a lawyer? On the Internet there are many sites that offer vacancies for lawyers wishing to work remotely online. To find them, it is enough to ask a search engine the phrase "distant work as a lawyer," and then make the transition to the sites of the proposed links.

Thus, virtually any lawyer if you want professional can find a well-paid job in the Internet on a remote basis. A lawyer need only publish your resume to all major sites of employment or browse Internet pages, with postings set online legal employers.
What Is Distant Work For Journalists?

What Is Distant Work For Journalists?

An employee who can competently express their thoughts in writing, has good style and is able to make a Mighty informational material, distant work as a journalist have to be just right.

In this sense, to find a remote work much easier for journalists to be an experienced professional who has written many interesting articles for various print and online publications. Novice to find paying work as a journalist would be much more difficult. Without experience in journalism to find a suitable well-paid work remotely damn difficult, because in this field prohibitively high competition. But if you feel the talent of a journalist, then nothing will prevent you to go this route.

Looking telework will help future journalists portfolio, i.e a list of previously written interesting articles for various print and electronic media (newspapers and magazines).

The portfolio of the journalist must also be the name of the media in which he had previously worked. If a journalist works for free breads (not listed in the official state in any newspaper or magazine), he is considered to be a freelancer, then in his portfolio have to indicate the names of the articles he had written, and it is desirable - domains of sites that host these articles. This is not a distant work for the programmer.

What Is Distant Work For Journalists?
What Is Distant Work For Journalists?

To get a high-paying job in the network journalist writing articles, you need to work hard on completing a portfolio of journalistic quality materials. This is usually done in two ways: firstly, the proposal at an early stage of their services for a small fee; Secondly, in some cases, it can be done for free, but the quality made an order to a customer saw your professionalism. For example, you can take part in the filling of articles or reviews of any electronic magazines or newspapers. This item will "play on you" and look good in the portfolio.

On the Internet there are many places where you can find real remote work as a journalist. You can find a job once or several times with a small honorarium, but you can find high-paying job with high pay. You can also earning credibility of the journalist on the Internet, go to work in a normal off-line magazine or local newspaper, although such freelance journalists is very rare, because they really do not want to lose a free schedule.
What Is A Freelance Better Job (Freelancer)

What Is A Freelance Better Job (Freelancer)

This article is dedicated to freelance, that is, working remotely via the Internet. In this article we will describe the main characteristics of freelancing. You will receive the information and basic concept of freelancing (both the customer and the performer freelance cooperate with each other, how to start a freelance personal way, and so on).

Freelance (or work remotely from home) - it is a particular way of cooperation of the employer and employee in which the employee is not expected to receive on a regular basis to the staff of the company. In other words, the customer (the employer) instructs the executor to perform a single operation from the outside (freelancer), which is located at a distance from him and met him, while the employment contract is unconventional.

The contract is one of the following forms:

  1. Written contract, in which formalized cooperation, gives a stable confidence freelancer that he would be paid, but rights reserved. Freelancer in this case - is a physical person that was hired to perform a one-time or temporary work (under contract or agreement providing any services).
  2. Oral cooperation agreement usually is at an early stage, or it may enter into with the employee too conscientious employer. When oral contract work is confidential nature, in which there is only believe in the word and hope that you do not "throw" money.

Let's take a closer look at specific aspects of each of these options contract. Why distant work on the Internet is beneficial to the employer? This is mainly the economic benefits:

What Is A Freelance Better Job
What Is A Freelance Better Job

  • The employer is no need to keep on a permanent basis at the state of the worker, paying at the same time various mandatory government fees and taxes for it;
  • No need to allocate for certain facilities and equipment for the job, because freelancers working at home on a personal computer equipment;
  • The employer does not bear any responsibility for freelancer and can easily abandon him if they what it is not satisfied.
 There are still less common and specific worker for which is extremely difficult to find and expensive to take on the staff, the Executive on a permanent basis in the office. Therefore freelancing nowadays gaining benefit and convenience for customers in many areas.
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Types Resume Work: Choose A Suitable For Yourself

Types Resume Work: Choose A Suitable For Yourself

In this article we will talk about the types of resume there? What type of resume is right for you? What facts of your biography or employment need to emphasize the potential employer? Let's deal together.

The information in the resume can be arranged and present employer in several ways. This article provides a summary list of the main types of work to be used depending on experience, scope of activities, knowledge and skills.

The chronological resume:

It is the most frequent, popular and simple type of resume. Such a summary is a versatile tool, suitable for what you want the employee to do any work (position). Its structure is usually known to all. The main part of it - it is work experience, job skills. Then in reverse order refers to the place of work, that is, specifies the name of the company (enterprise), previous positions, job duties and work achievements. Since this part of the summary of the most important, it should properly arrange. This type of resume for those employees who have a solid track record, but not for those who do not have work experience.

A functional resume:

This summary of the most attention is paid to the potential advantages of the employee, his professional success, skills and knowledge. Usually not indicated the exact dates and titles. In a functional resume is easy to hide a lack of experience and highlight the strengths of the applicant. However, not all employers with a desire to consider a functional resume. The lack of chronological order in a resume can often alert the employer and workers, it is suitable for those areas of activity where certain skills are more important than experience.
Types Resume Work: Choose A Suitable For Yourself
Types Resume Work: Choose A Suitable For Yourself

Targeted Resume:

This type of resume is created specifically for a certain position for a particular company. It is somewhat similar and at the chronological and functional resume. However, unlike them, in a targeted resume indicated that work experience, which is important for this particular post.

Summary of temporary worker:

This summary is suitable applicants, who previously worked for several employers at the same time. If a candidate for the position will be a summary in chronological order, it may give the impression of his inconstancy and a frequent propensity to change jobs. So first you need to specify your work experience, skills and knowledge workers (as in the functional resume), and then - working drafts on which the applicant has worked in the past (with the dates of beginning and completion of the work). The main purpose of resume - show results.

It is clear that the resume is different from a bank employee CV waiter, so the type of summary depends on the desired positions, job requirements and experience in previous jobs. If you want to work with an ordinary (conventional) expert, the most suitable for you will be a chronological resume. If you metite to higher positions, then select the resume hybrid (a mixture of different types). Also, applicants who want to lead, can use a functional resume, which is also good base for workers without experience.
Resume Career Development And So On

Resume Career Development And So On

Great experience financial activity - is the main value of the accountant for the company (employer). All accounting experience will have to show in the summary, if an accountant is looking for a new job. In the study summary of the applicant accountant first draw attention to the data in the graph of experience, and only then - on education, personal qualities, as well as additional information.

In the "Experience" is necessary to specify clearly and in detail:

  • All the employer indicating the profile of activity: trade, construction, manufacturing, services and other areas;
  • information about the dates of the beginning and end of work for enterprises;
  • former positions.

No need to write "worked one year assistant accountant at the firm" Smart and Associates" This provision of information on employment of the applicant is unlikely to be interested employer or recruiter.

According to the chief accountant of Alexander Shandura, work experience of the candidate on the job - is a key point when selecting an employee in the accounting department.

The most valuable and in demand in the labor market are accountants who have experience working on DOS (basic system of taxation) as workers who have dealt only with the STS (simplified tax system) or UTII - do not have sufficient experience to perform more complex professional tasks.

More further employment is of great importance experience in audit or tax audits, namely - the ability accountant to "read" the balances of payments and acts of reconciliation, the ability to defend, if necessary, correct their views on taxation. If such facts were working career competitor, then it is required to write a resume Accounting.

Resume Career Development And So On
Resume Career Development And So On

For employers, it is always very topical question of the reason for dismissal of the applicant from the previous workplace. This question can be easily removed even during the acquaintance with a summary on the work, you just indicate it that the reason for dismissal was a small salary with a huge amount of work, or delayed its payment. Among other reasons for dismissal may include: inability to further professional growth, career development and so on.

Separately, we must mention about the etiquette of sending a resume in electronic form, or by fax - so accepted in reputable companies and large enterprises.
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How To Write A Resume For A Job?

How To Write A Resume For A Job?

Nowadays many different sites and resources you can find the most useful tips for job seekers, resume to work and prepare yourself for a job interview with a potential employer (the employer). It seems that there is nothing easier - Learn at your pleasure, and all the advice you decide to employment. In fact, everything is not so simple. Maybe we should calm down and refuse to comply with all the tips and tricks? To get started, please read the troubleshooting tips in this article.

Firstly, do not be shy to show their talents resume. Feel Send out your resume to those companies that you want, even if employment in the enterprise seems so solid you something transcendental. If you are 25 years old, then you may send resume to the most daring vacancies. If you have previously had experience in the design, then you can safely send resume to job designer. We worked in a circle of middle management in a large company ? Then do not hesitate to submit your resume to the director position.

Second, leave the habit many times reread your resume. We must remember that you have the innate literacy. It does not matter if the comma will not be quite fair. This is your own original style. The main thing is that the text was not resume grammatical errors that you do not have the reputation of an ignoramus.

Third, always remember that brevity is known to be the sister of talent. Therefore, your resume should not be long. Many employers like brevity, since they do not have time to study the longer texts.

How To Write A Resume For A Job?
How To Write A Resume For A Job?

Fourth, employers like structured and clear summary. To make the resume more orderly, you need to take advantage of the program Word (Word). An important period of his previous professional career in bold, and the interests and hobbies on the desired job, be sure to emphasize.

Do not forget to add your photo graph to resume. This gives the employer an opportunity to see with whom he will have to deal with. Photos need to find a solid, on which you dropped in a shirt and tie.

Once you have a job, after a short period of time necessary to safely call prospective employer and ask about the results of the study of your resume. And if you are approved as a possible candidate for the vacant post, feel free to go to a job interview with a potential employer.
Resumes And Jobs: What If There Are No Open Positions?

Resumes And Jobs: What If There Are No Open Positions?

Many are wondering whether or not to send your resume to companies that do not have open positions? People who are looking for work, often resort to sending their resumes for positions that employers are looking for workers who openly, i.e publish information about finding the necessary staff in newspapers, magazines and on Internet sites that hosts a lot of variety of resume and vacancies. The employer also provides information on the need for recruitment in employment centers.

If the applicant does not find a suitable position for himself in any source of information, he can just wait indefinitely as unemployed or can start sending your resume to those companies that are interested in it, even if at the moment there are no vacancies. And CV of the applicant in this case has a chance to be considered, if not immediately, then later. At the very least, the unemployed a chance to apply for a job that suits him.

By such practice employers are typically more positive than in the case of opening a suitable job associated with the sender separately first. Most often, managers work with staff carefully consider the resumes that come even in the absence of vacant jobs as pay tribute to the authors of initiative resume. Indeed, few would dispute the fact that the people who confidence, undeterred by the difficulties in moving toward your goal, are treated with respect.

Lack of job offers does not mean lack of work:

You have to understand that the fact that there are no proposals on the need for workers does not mean that the work itself is not in the company. Big companies may not publish information about vacancies becoming available for a wide range of people, because I do not want to give information to competitors that are expanding departments or change the scope of the firm.

Resumes And Jobs: What If There Are No Open Positions?
Resumes And Jobs: What If There Are No Open Positions?

In addition, it should be remembered that in the ideal case, the search of staff and personnel matters should fall on the individual, and in some cases, the whole department (division). Such workers or a special department just can not be in the company that could mean that, after sending your resume, you easily get rid of the management cares and troubles that are associated with the search and selection of staff.

In any case, the person who sent the job, no risk, the most that can happen - this summary can be equated to spam and simply will not learn. However, there is a chance that obtaining a job resume, management understands that the company is not enough just such a worker, the sender resumes. To paraphrase the old wisdom, we can say the following: "If the employer is not going to work to the employee, the employee will come to the employer." And even if such a path of job search fails the first time, then certainly will result in the future.
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The Main Job On Television

The Main Job On Television

Many people dream to get one of the vacancies on television. But in fact, whether it is a work of a promising and rosy as you can imagine? Let's take a closer look at the TV job, which can offer an employer.

If we talk about the media, it is possible to imagine, for example, as a shark pen, an experienced journalist or as a master channel. However, you have to clearly understand for themselves that for such a post, a perfect summary of the desired job, as well as an unusually strong desire not nearly enough.

Here we need the rejection of a plurality of the joys of life, hard work, continuous work on himself in order to reach his goal - it's all you have to go to achieve the desired result.

A bright start to his career in television, you can post from the mundane, for example, for a job to work media manager. If you are, moreover, also a good translation into any foreign language, your knowledge and experience can be useful in the field of publishing, and any other media sector. The object of your career at this point should be qualitative performance of all duties assigned to you. In fact, many experts who dreamed of success, creativity and universal fame and recognition, to get it all figured out that in fact this kind of work is not as attractive as it seemed at first.

The Main Job On Television
The Main Job On Television

And it is not only in the big competition - often it happens that all your efforts are just not valued properly when working on TV or in print publications. No, of course you get the appropriate office material reward, but labor activity, coupled with the communication among creative people, always full of disappointments and unpleasant moments. Most of the artists are so arrogant, arrogant and blinded by their own lights, not to notice the people around. Therefore, those who chose a path to television or print, you need to prepare for the fact that their feelings are hurt in the course of regular work activity.

Of course, maybe it is not necessary so categorically judge. There are people who enjoy their work, just live it. Even an ordinary assistant or consultant may be happy to go to work, if he really was in its place. But in order to understand whether the way you choose, you'll have plenty of time before the brutal truth of life to withdraw their "rose-colored glasses."
What Should And What Should Not Be Written In A Resume For Job?

What Should And What Should Not Be Written In A Resume For Job?

Summary of work gives the applicant the opportunity to present yourself to the employer to work in absentia (potential employer) with the best hand.

Normally, any job, whether it Resume or CV Accounting consists of the following components - information about education, previous jobs and others who were not included in the first two sections.

So, when you have made the headline summary indicated their personal and contact information, go to the section describing your level of education. Here you need to specify all the schools in which you learned after leaving school (vocational schools, technical schools, universities, training and refresher courses).

It is necessary to specify the specialty and qualifications that you have. If you have more than two higher education, specify only two of them, which relate to the potential positions. Others did not specify in the resume. No need to also report to the summary of the end of "higher rates of magic", "school of folk healers" and "circles of card games."

Next you need to fill in the most "dangerous" part of the job, which must be given information on all areas of your work. It should take the work book and write down the date of receipt of all to work and leaving work, correct titles and businesses that have taken place in your working career.

What Should And What Should Not Be Written In A Resume For Job?
What Should And What Should Not Be Written In A Resume For Job?

Instead of names and positions businesses need to place concise description of your major accomplishments and responsibilities on the old workplace. Try to convey to a potential employer reliable information about the positive qualities of your employees, but not excessive cluttering resume information.

Be sure to write about how well you own an office and computer equipment (or other means of production) to specify which computer programs you know perfectly, except for the office (standard).

It is best if you have on hand will be ready to resume a few (two or three), English (other foreign) and Russian languages. In summary, there should not be any grammatical mistakes, otherwise a resume deem sign of bad taste.
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How To Make A Career In The Civil Service

How To Make A Career In The Civil Service

The process of building a career in the civil service is somewhat different from a career in the private sector. In this article you will find some practical tips and advice for those who are in public service, and does not want all of the remaining operating time remain in positions of ordinary skill subsidiarity. Therefore, for those who have decided to make a career and a job in the public service, be sure to learn a few simple rules, presented later in this article.

In the civil service, it is important to comply with the dress code. Men are advised to wear a suit and tie, in extreme cases, you can get trousers and shirt strict style (no tie). Women should wear the skirt or trouser suit, skirt should be long not less than just below the knee, neat natural makeup with no frills.

For the successful promotion in the civil service need to know in the face and the name of all your direct and indirect Chiefs. Also in reverse - it is desirable that the authorities knew of his employee, if not name, at least in what department he works. Do not tremble before the big bosses, because they are human beings just like you. At every opportunity, use the occasion to visit the office of the chief to address some operational issues. Here the main thing - do not overreact. It should be understood that the jump over the head of his immediate superior, having a lower status is not correct. Therefore it is necessary to wait for his absence in the workplace and can safely move to the higher authorities in connection with the "urgent" matter.

Occasionally it is useful openly and without hesitation to show the authorities their strengths. By the way, you have the presence of a huge amount of work, need to know everything. Make no mistake - this information is required to reach superiors. At the same time you should not be overburdened, as "workhorses" in the public service is always a loser. After all, the authorities have no sense to increase the service, if you are already very satisfied with their work, the more so, since your relocated boss will be hard to find the same as you "fans" of the work.

How To Make A Career In The Civil Service
How To Make A Career In The Civil Service

One of the worst enemies of the careerist is drinking. You may seem trivial that drinking at work should not be, but we once again recall: drunkenness battle! All anniversary, birthdays and other celebrations can be noted in the non-working time, such as immediately after the operation. Even if some of the staff team can afford to drink a glass or two - it does not mean that you should do the same as they are. At first, perhaps, some employees will resent your "wrong" behavior, but later begin to get used to, and even respect. Persistence in this regard will only strengthen your reputation in the community and thus help your career.
Keep a certain distance to all employees without exception. You should not make friends with the staff, who have a reputation for gossip in the team, brawlers, drunks and other unpleasant "characters".

Do not try to "unseat" boss even think about it, because it is immediately feel that the play is clearly not in your favor. If you want to build a successful career in the public service, then do not try to look better head of (beautiful, personable, intelligent and so on).
Manager Career Where Prepare The Best Managers?

Manager Career Where Prepare The Best Managers?

The manager - is the employee who manages the professional production, business projects, different activities. Manager qualitatively doing their job - a real find for the owner of the firm, because the presence of a reliable assistant gives him the opportunity to develop other, more promising business direction, or simply from time to time to rest from affairs.

Nowadays, managers are taught in many schools. Popular and prestigious special manager is very popular among students of universities, and among employers. But the formation of the formation of discord.

Career Manager (novice, and experienced), depends on the educational institution in which it was obtained higher education. Just the level of school is crucial, not estimates from it.

Conclusion: for a good career in the field of a professional manager or a manager you need to choose the best of Russian universities. Typically, employers value the well-known and major universities of St. Petersburg and Moscow. More "weight" of the diploma gives the manager the use of educational techniques standard MBA, who often use non-business school. Having finished this institution, the manager receives a minimum of firm belief that it will work in their specialty. Unlearning in such institutions is difficult enough, but with great desire and determination - is quite real.

Manager Career Where Prepare The Best Managers?
Manager Career Where Prepare The Best Managers?

If there is money to pay for a good education and a decent knowledge of a foreign language, select to study good American or European university. Domestic MGIMO, Moscow State University, and others like them, do not reach the US, French and British schools of higher management. Diploma of the American or European educational institution - a reliable springboard into the world of top management of the largest enterprises and companies. Many large companies and businesses can pay for their own education abroad for prospective students, however, instead of the future managers must be qualified to work in the company of five to fifteen years.

Also, you can easily be trained in short-term training courses of management. Normally, such courses are designed for several weeks. In these courses you can only get a general idea of ​​the profession and the basics, and in-depth knowledge is impossible to obtain due to the short duration of the courses. And to build a career in the company on such certificate is impossible.
Career Of A Teacher Or Teaching Activities

Career Of A Teacher Or Teaching Activities

If we talk about the career of a teacher or teaching activities not just as a simple job but as a vocation, we believe that every teacher will not prevent an internship counselor in the children's camp. Professions counselor is not taught in universities. The success of Leader depends on personal traits, values, personality traits of the teacher, as well as the methods chosen for pedagogical influence on children.

In our time to find a job counselor at a summer camp is not difficult. To work, it is desirable to have a counselor, not only initial teacher education, but some preliminary experience with children, as in the process leader may face different challenges when dealing with children.

Sometimes difficult to understand the new leaders, that he takes full and unconditional responsibility for the health and the life of the children entrusted to him. Only experienced counselors who have faced different challenges, realize it completely. Therefore, the chief of summer camp is obliged to bring the importance of this issue to every counselor.

Among the management of children's camps there are no random people, as the work with the young generation requires a love for children, interest in his work, the ability to be a leader and a good example for children. Many educators are even willing to neglect their own vacation in order to work in a summer children's camp.

Career Of A Teacher Or Teaching Activities
Career Of A Teacher Or Teaching Activities

Children's camp with a good reputation, distinguished by the fact that they are specialists of high professional level in the field of children's activities that are investing great efforts not only in the educational process and the children's activities, but also provide them with the best living conditions.

The man who was in the role of counselor, his future career, can plan and build in different directions. After graduation from the special education teacher, he can get work as a teacher in high school, primary school teachers or the head of the youth association, or circle. Everywhere you need experience in working with children who have different ages, different personal interests, different ideas about career and life. And perhaps these children will bring something useful to the overall progress for the benefit of all mankind. Therefore, the teaching profession in any case should not be seen just as a job, but must become a way of life worthy of imitation, without which it makes no sense to build a career and a job.
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