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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Have You Thought About How Others Perceive Your Body Language?

It does not help what the words say - your body is always right. Learn to gain control of your body language. Body language has existed as long as there have been people on earth. It is often forgotten, but is part of our everyday speech and as important as it uttered words.

Put simply, your body language all that we say, minus the words: There are gestures, posture, gaze, vocalization, attire, pace of conversation and much, much more.

Body language is not unproblematic. Who has not experienced blush in a conversation at completely the wrong time, or the sweat runs during a presentation for class? There are parts of this communication that can be controlled, and parts that can not be it. We have looked closely at what this entails.

Human Culture:

Body language was early research field, and Aristotle was among the first to identify similarities in body language of animals and humans. Parts of the body language is universally namely: For example, it means a broad smile to someone you admire, the same in Bangkok as in Lima.

Cultural sociologist Charles Darwin has meant a lot of body language research, which paved the way for the 1900s combination of research theories. Now the body language part of both psychology, linguistics, anthropology, ethology and rhetoric.

It Forgot Language:

Ingunn Hagen's courses and lectures in body language and communication and has also written the article "An outside perspective - Instructions on body language". She believes that many have forgotten the meaning of the body.

It is primarily you who know what your body expresses in different situations. Many have forgotten what it is to listen to the information that the body provides.

Have You Thought About How Others Perceive Your Body Language?
Have You Thought About How Others Perceive Your Body Language?

At worst, it can lead to serious misunderstandings, says Hagen.

Everyone has experienced it, and we call it double communication. A conflict occurs when the body says one thing and your mouth otherwise. For example, you could be in a conversation where the person says he has plenty of time, but constantly looking at the clock. Some may say that they love you, but you do not think about it when receiving terminal.

"Just think about what you do when you are penetrated with strangers"


✔ Consider: Who will I meet? What impression will they have of me?

✔ Be aware of how you greet, and a firm handshake, but do not bone crusher

✔ Search eye contact, but never stare

✔ Make use of the voice.

✔ Tempo. Tune yourself into. If you meet speaks furiously and you are very slow or reverse, they are more concerned about the way you talk than what you say

✔ Think about your posture when sitting: Forward or backward leaning?

✔ Be aware of your own nervous movements and decide what to do with them or how you want to move them.

Took Control:

Many situations require that you have a good body language. Going to a job interview, it can not say, just as important as what you actually say. Nursing student Katja Søyland (26), has just completed an interview round where precisely the non-verbal communication was important.

I was terribly nervous beforehand, but tried as much as possible to prepare myself for how I would appear. For me it was important to radiate confidence, positivity and enthusiasm.

How did you go?

I Think it's important to showcase how one actually is. Job Interview Questions are often quite "classical", and then your body language be something that helps to stand out in the crowd. I tried to think through everything from how I sat on the chair, to start with a firm handshake and make eye contact. If I were hired someone, I would have at least thought about what kind person type I chose, and then would the body language is an important part of the overall impression.

Following Emotions:

The body's signs follow the state of mind: When one is in love, one is actually weak in the knees. Are you heavily depressed, it is very difficult to walk with a straight back. These are things no one can control. The world-renowned psychologist Paul Ekman talks about seven core emotions that are triggered by the autonomic nervous system, and these feelings proves the same muscle contractions in brief glimpses in every human face: anger, contempt, fear / terror, joy, surprise, disgust and sadness .

A number of them can, however, attempt to control, says Ingunn Hagen.

It is important to emphasize that all body language interpretation must always into context. Moods,
BETTER BODY LANGUAGE: - Many people have forgotten what it is to listen
to the information that the body provides a said courses
and lectures in body language and communication, Ingunn Hagen.
expectations, inner feelings and surroundings affect your body language. Just think about what you do with your body when you are penetrated with strangers.

How do you get a better body language?

The emotions affect the body, but you can also affect the emotions by working with the body and become familiar with it. To have a better body language is something anyone can learn either through training or self-awareness and reflection. It applies to ponder: How does this situation me? Why do I react as I do? What is it that makes me feel comfortable in the company of some, while I feel uncomfortable with others? I think the body gives signals about things happening around us, and we must become better at observing our own body and think about what this means for communication.

How has the body language changed?

Body language is constantly evolving. Just two generations ago it was not as common that men hugged. In our culture, for example, become more and more common to "give thumbs up" and the peace sign is an example of body language that became popular in the 60s, explains Hagen.

The newly hired nursing student Kajta Søyland believe that body language is something we have become more conscious of our culture and that it is crucial in situations where it involves obtaining control.

I think really that many people are quite aware of it; it's like a little part of the "package". Although I'm probably incredibly easy to read, but in a job interview situation, I tried to radiate the characteristics that position called for. I was terribly nervous, but I got the job in the end.

                  THIS COULD YOU THINK ABOUT:

Among all languages ​​in the world can body language appear to be one and common to all mankind. Therefore, it is also so important that you master it.

Eye contact. Do not hide yourself but attract attention with their eyes. By seeking eye contact right away, we say three things that can not be expressed in words; 1) "I'm not afraid of you," 2) "I will be in touch with you," and 3) "I am completely open and honest with you." The latter is not entirely true, but it's nice to give that impression.

✔   Facial expressions. Are you serious, uneasy or stressed, the feeling will rub off on others. A smile makes people relax and open up, but the smile must not be ingratiating and mechanically. Smiling man while saying something serious, people can quickly become unsafe and irritated.

✔   Arms and hands. We use your hands to explain and underline, or to express emotions. Hands attracts therefore quick attention. Where do I have them? Does it artificially like? I see energetic or stupid when I waved them? This depends on the situation. But remember, all at body language should appear spontaneously and naturally. And avoid having his arms crossed - it can be perceived closed or quarrelsome.

✔   Gestures. Here, too, suffer many of their hands. Give them something to hold. This can give a sense of security, but not take the opportunity to fiddle. It's about getting to know their gestures, and hold them in check. Something will always be, and you can only hope that they are charming and not annoying.

✔   Sitting position. To sit reclined may be a sign of high self-esteem, but it can be too much. It's better to lean slightly forward to signal that you are keen. The ideal is of course a balance between confident, and to show that you are awake.

Attitude. You can get hurt in order to be perceived as arrogant and presumptuous - or as cowed and pessimistic - only as a result of small details at the shoulders or back. Then it does not know what the words say, the body is right. Sync not together, but its not on needles. Practice in front of the mirror ..


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