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Sunday, 24 April 2016

The Seven Main Application Myths

The application is and remains a much discussed topic. Not even the success of the online application has not changed a bit. Still, many mistakes keep about which components are important for human resource managers and decide what aspects about success and failure. The online job portal CareerHope surveyed in a recent study on job 1,000 recruiters and compiled from the results of the seven main application errors. See for yourself if you fall into the trap of applying myths.

"The most important part of the application is the letter"

A personal letter is undoubtedly an integral part of this job. But even more significant is the CV: 91 percent of recruiters consider him important. call relatively low 66 percent, the letter only 63 percent of HR managers. No wonder that the CV, the central element of the mobile application through which a smartphone.

"If I do not use a personal approach, my application is generally no chance"

Only 16 percent of recruiters keep a personal address to be indispensable. Nevertheless, a "Dear Madam" the worse alternative. For an individual application ideally includes an individual approach. If you can not determine a contact on demand, but this should not be a reason not to hold a job.

"Applications by Smartphone acts unprofessional"

The study results of According CareerHope would already nearly half of HR managers a mobile short application prefer if the recruiter characterized received more applications. The contact between applicants and companies is so much faster and easier. In the competition for the best business professionals increasingly use new ways. The application via smartphone is for many today a useful tool - unprofessional? Not a trace!

"It just depends on the content of"

It is true that a well-structured content application is an important prerequisite for an invitation to an interview. The content alone is often not sufficient to convince recruiters. Nearly one in four HR managers identified messy and unkempt documents as a common mistake of job seekers. Whether online or classic - a good structure and a current and clean presentation of own merits are a must.

The Seven Main Application Myths
The Seven Main Application Myths

"Quantity instead of quality - with as many applications are the chances of finding a new job is greatest"

The recruiters in companies quite differently: for they are mass applications, which lack individuality, No. 1 on the most common mistakes when creating application documents. Although it is tempting to use an application has been created, multiple resist the assembly line trap!

"More is better - I should send as many documents"

Who wants to be sure that the application will be read at all, should be careful in doubt a document to provide less. If additional documents are required, they can usually be easily supply later. In addition: Only 29 percent of surveyed CareerHope Recruiter accept e-mail attachments to an unlimited amount of. 14 percent accept up to 10 megabytes, 37 percent up to 5 MB and 15 percent only 2 MB.

"HR professionals consider only the application and decide right after"

If you expect is usually wrong. 56 percent of recruiters use other sources of information in order to gain a better picture of the candidate. 28 percent get to a external and specified in the application references, 13 percent use the Internet. 11 percent even put to feedback from common personal contacts.


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