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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Changing Employers - It Considerations

You have decided to accept a new challenge with a different employer? Then it is now necessary to terminate the existing employment relationship, to request a certificate and to examine contracts. So you do not lose track of this exciting time, we will give you step-by-step advice on changing employers.


Pay close attention to the agreements in your employment so that a notice of termination is not handicapped. Depending on the contract and employment contract deadlines may vary. In any case, a notice must be in writing. 

It is safest to send the termination letter by registered mail to the personnel department or by bringing it in person there is. It is important that an acknowledgment is confirmed. View next quickly your supervisor and after concert the other colleagues.

Seek Performance Reviews:

Request in any case to provide a reference. By law, every worker has a right to a benevolent assessment of skills and achievements. The last testimony plays an important role for the application to your new employer and should therefore be present. 

Even if you have already found a new job, it is worthwhile to ask the witness to complete your application. Moreover, your former employer also serve as a reference. Talk, however, in the run with him on whether he is ready for it.

Changing Employers - It Considerations
Changing Employers - It Considerations

Correct estimate of the "New":

A job interview is not just for HR managers the opportunity to meet you - well, you can estimate the potential employer and check if your ideas coincide. Prepare for the conversation before and search in detail about the company. Some employers also propose a sample workday. Take this opportunity to learn about the company in daily business, your colleagues and your potential new job.

Negotiate Contract:

The last, crucial step is the contract with the new employer. Here it is important to read this carefully and, if appropriate, to ask questions or propose amendments. If it is a temporary or permanent contract? Are monetary issues clearly regulated and salaries, bonuses or commissions held? Also precise arrangements of the installation location and the working hours are elementary components. 

Moreover, competition clauses and confidentiality obligations may be listed, which should be studied more closely. Clarify these points so that you can start with a good feeling in a new challenge.


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