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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Top 5 Questions & Answers On Interview

Finally it's so far: your dream employer has invited to a personal meeting. We give answers to 5 frequently asked questions on interview:

1. What should I wear?

In general: Customize your outfits to the corporate image. Apply for a job with an insurance company or bank, you should certainly choose a more conservative outfit. As a man you do with a suit, a shirt and a matching color necktie nothing wrong. Depending on the company, it is possible to dispense with the tie. Women have access to a business suit.

2. What rules should I follow when greeting?

The first impression counts. Therefore Meet your interlocutors despite your nervousness with an uninhibited smile and handshake.
Inquire in advance about who you are calling and talk to the person now with their name. If in doubt, you should look at the welcoming your counterpart exactly on the name and then this pick right in your greeting.

3. What should I watch body language in things?

Sit talking room only go if it is to you. Try to keep your hands loosely to place on the table top and is easy to bend forward. This attitude suggests attention, openness and interest. Avoid kicking back in the chair and fold their arms if possible before the chest.

Top 5 Questions & Answers On Interview
Top 5 Questions & Answers On Interview

4. How long should I wait until I call after the call and query the status of the application process?

Ideally, ask at the end of the conversation politely how long it will take an estimated until you hear from each other again. If you see a quite realistic period mentioned by one or two weeks, you can tackle them once in any case after the expiration of this period. - You should be careful to ensure the company is not too much to force a decision.

5. Should I the subject content to address self-employed?

Mostly the subject content of the call is picked up in the course of the event. Does it but at the end of the conversation: "Any questions?" and the subject came not previously discussed, you now have the opportunity to address it on their own. This is perfectly legitimate and understandable. Some companies negotiate the salary, however, until the second week.


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