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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Top Tips For A Professional Online Presence

The Internet is no longer true for a long time as a place of anonymity. Since there are social networks like Facebook and Twitter, it is full of personal data of millions of people. With a few clicks you will find a variety of profiles and reaches personal photos, videos and texts. 

And it is not only individuals who are looking for personal information of others, but also potential employers. With the help of social networks they wish to obtain additional information about their candidates and thus get a better idea of ​​the people.

What that means for the use of Facebook & Co?

Especially in the application phase, users should take their online presence in social networks more closely. In the first step, you can instead use the privacy settings. With simple clicks you can thus control who sees posts and if you can get to your profile, for example via a simple Google search as a profile owner. You should differentiate between your professional and your private online profile. 

During your private Facebook profile might not be suitable for the general public, a public profile in a career platform like LinkedIn or Xing can actually be healthy. But beware: Who makes accessible its profiles for all, of the impact of his contributions should be aware. Control your own profile therefore regularly.

Better no extreme party photos and gossiping:

To leave a bad impression with recruiters and other professional contacts, should be dispensed with critical content precisely during the application phase. The own fingerprint on the Web may eventually even created and influenced, but very rarely cleared. 

To be barely noticeable to potential employers, you should avoid extreme party pictures and negative comments about one's current job situation in general. 

Top Tips For A Professional Online Presence
Top Tips For A Professional Online Presence

Also comments and messages in forums and blogs, especially about professional issues should be carefully considered. Recognize potential future employers indiscretion and disloyalty, they will probably keep their distance from this candidate.

Conscious Communication for increasing the job opportunities:

To be not only perceived neutral, you can actively use social networks. To have the courage to spread interesting information or to draw attention to his hard work, can pay off. Even those who have special hobbies, skills or knowledge, and this is interesting in scene can with his online I definitely left a lasting impression on business and so advance his career.


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